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Subject Are we slaves that were created by 'lower gods' or Aliens from a different dimension?
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Original Message Are we slaves that were created to work for them?

Its a very sophisticated system very carefully crafted and..also, a question to all, please help me understand. what is that thing that gives the elite's paper money its power? what is that thing that SPIRITUALY binds us to this physical matrix??!

Questions Posed:

Are we slaves that were created by 'lower gods' or Aliens from a different dimension? Are we slaves that were created to work for them? sort of like honey bees?

Response 1:

Indulgence for centuries and inherited wealth that has condensed into a power wealth belief system. It can be broken. Ultimately, there is a divine hand but delegated to lower management as far as implementation. Man does have free will. The belief system is as strong as the trust in that control system, if trust and integrity of the system fails, so does the power and the belief.

Response 2:

This is part of a reply on another blog that I gave to a similar question. It doesn't answer your question directly but rather has a go at the whole myth.

Through the notion of any form of designer we arrive at original sin, the curse of women that has bedeviled their lives for thousands of years, it simply did not happen. If as science has now proven, we evolved from earlier lifeforms, it unequivocally did not happen. No original sin, no need for the gnashing of teeth nor a sacrificial victim to redeem oneself.

Origen gives it away, one must presume inadvertently, when he states that it was written 'with the knowledge of the times'. Through this method we arrive at taking the Bible as a metaphor. One is immediately moved to ask for what? We also arrive at what i view as a latent homosexual basis for the Bible, the narcissism of men, faith and their Bible. If we can be allowed to use metaphor as a basis for reading the book, as the church permits himself, then the Bible looks a totally different creature. Up to and including Immaculate Conception.

God the male creates the first human being from dust and it is of course a male but there is no sexual content. Homoerotic denial and maternal envy, if we have evolved it's been many, many, many steps down the evolutionary ladder since since any form of spontaneous reproduction has been possible.

Vaginal envy. However Adam is penetrated to retrieve a rib in order to create Eve this also ties in with the maternal envy above. It is also when read as metaphor homoerotic. Hence the creation of women as a source of evil, death and destruction, two envies do not make a right may one say.

We must now complete the sexual cycle with the Immaculate Conception. Oedipal much! Mummy's having a baby but daddy doesn't have sex with her, and it's going to be a man that saves men from the evil women wrought upon the world.

I think my metaphors stand up to scrutiny better than the apologist's.

I then went on to examine the socio-political context of such a narcissistic and ultimately monarchical ploy.

When we are first born I don't feel I need to quote any medical authorities to say that we are programed to seek out mother. The smell of breastmilk alone would tend her to us as the only source of food available to us. Feelings of warmth and security after the trauma of being born and I would contend the beginnings of our own sense of uniqueness and self worth.

The Religious would claim that without that women abusing, child hating, child sacrificing, genocidal, sexually perverse and impure dictator they call God how can you have any morality? Well let's try take ourselves back to being that infant again. I cannot have done anything wrong Mother so I know you'll feed me. The very basis of innate morality.

Their absolutely deviant tale of children being born of and into sin totally abuses every human instinct we used to possess.

That is the symbolism of The Tree of Knowledge and the difference between right and wrong. The curch's avowed aim to tear children from the breast of women and deny us the true Milk Of Human Kidness and an understanding of ourselves as human beings.

So in putting this reading of events I would go on to say that yes if it were true you would be right. Nowadays such inbreeding is usually reserved for priests, politicians and monarchs
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