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Subject So you want to know about Aliens?
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Original Message Ok- let me put this to you-

1- they dont need doors, locks do not work

2- they arent evil- the greys

3- you can talk to them any time you want.

4- Reptillians are more like a mass moving shapeshifting blob and arent actually lizard people. Some people might refer to it as 'ectoplasm'.

5- you could have a room full of them and never see them.

6- The speed of which they move is so fast you would think you saw something in the corner of your eye.

7- They travel not by propulsion but by bending space and shortening the distance.

8- They are not related to 'the devil'- Hint if you want to know 'Et in Arcadia Ego'- you will figure it out. ;)

9- They have access to the Internet along with all your thoughts.

Reptilians arent evil either- and the majority of information published on the Internet is a load of crap and a deliberate hoax. They have a good sense of humour too- they do it for the lulz. "hey my ashtray just floated accross the room! omg its a ghost!"---

Their appearance is generally so terrifying they do in fact change their appearance or change your perception of their appearance so you dont crap your pants. They know they are scary looking to us.

You cannot capture 'an alien' due to the speed they move.

They are inter-dimensional- that is 'true'-

earth has never been contacted by other life in the milky way and only by 4th and 5th dimensional entities.

How do you know this isnt a Hoax-?

Look up and tell me if you see the flashes in the sky at night, waive and say hello- They will say hello back too.
Looks like a bright flash, and once you see them, they see you too. Dont be afraid, just be prepared to have your mind blown.


And remember this saying- The lord is a thief in the night.
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