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Subject 12 year old girl TIA SHARP was sacrificed by the Illuminati in FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD during the London 2012 Closing Ceremony
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Original Message So they kidnapped Tia Sharp so she could be child sacrificed at the London 2012 closing ceremony. The reason why the Queen and Prince William/Charles weren’t at the closing ceremony is because they were at the REAL ceremony that was the sacrifice of Tia Sharp in a secret chamber beneath the Olympic stadium.

The sacrifice would have taken place directly beneath the pyramid made from white boxes whilst the song "Running up that Hill" was playing.

Then her body would have been put inside that effigy that the tightrope walker set on fire. They burnt her in plain site in front of the world!

[link to nationalpostsports.files.wordpress.com]

Then the reference to Angels with harps, signifying that she was now dead and in heaven.

Then the pheonix rising from the fire, a reference to them trying to bring her back from the dead, or possibly hoping that her spirit will be re-incarnated as the future Queen of England. Don’t be surprised if Kate Middleton gives birth to a baby girl in 9 months time.

The illuminati are being slow in releasing the body of Tia for formal ID by her parents is because they need time to produce a fake wax work dummy of her body to show to her mother. Obviously they can’t show the real body, because they set it on fire during the ceremony.

A crucial part of the ritual is that it has to be seen by as many people as possible in order to generate maximum energy. So that’s why there’s so much media publicity about Tia and why they set her body on fire in plain view infront of a global audience of millions.

Then the Illuminati toy with us by giving us clues as to how they did it. They say her body was “found” wrapped in a black sheet in a black bin bag – a reference to how they hid her body inside the black effigy that the tightrope walker set on fire during the closing ceremony.
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