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Subject to the Morans who don't appreciate the finer points of our GLP culture.
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Original Message GLP is a community,and as with any community,it has its own unique culture and conventions. Anyone with half a brian will be able to list the conventions and the culture. Except, ;-), these conventions and you'll be much happier in our little community.

1) Uncles are always calling with information.
2) The Markets are most likely carshing.
3) Moran is spelled with an A.
4) Proper care of Tomato plants is of utmost concern.
5) Doom is ALWAYS just a few days away.
6) There ARE 5,and even 6 Star Generals wandering the secret hallways of power.
7) You can always depend on them ol'Fandango Rangers.
8) To,two,and too,like your and you're, sound enough alike that they are interchangeable. We know what you meant.
9) Nibiru is coming and just because you can't see it doesn't mean it ain't so.
10) Just because I post it doesn't mean I believe it in the strictest sense of the word.
11.Ewetube never lies. (Shoot Straight Johnnie)
12)Sorcha Faal is synonymous with Such A Fail.
13)No linky you stinky (DeadBeacon)
14)(and so) It is always beginning.(Bluebird and AC)
15)At some point YOU should probably come up from your mom's basement.
16) It's ALWAYS lens flair (Bluebird)
17) Marshall Law is just days away(Bluebird)
18) It,whatever it is,can always be blamed on a certain Monotheistic tribe from the middle east what ain't muzzies. There,I didn't name them. So there name didn't change.
Feel free to add to the list.
19)In the GLP nomenclature,their are many classes of tards;quaketards,nibirutards,solartards,doomtards, etc. Kittehtards are a class unto themselves.(Minnie Kitty,etc al)
20)All news is BREAKING NEWS.
21)There are many people who have just eaten,smoked,drank,or arrived from somewhere or have just returned from somewhere,or have specific knowledge and are dying for you to ASK THEM SOMETHING.
22)and if someone says "ask me something, you MUST ask".
23)The President (regardless of who might hold the office) is always TPTB and if not the Antichrist,then a close personal friend of the Antichrist.
24) Those people from #18 are always about to attack Iran.
25) Of course IT was an inside job.
26) Those damned banksters are always about to get some good old fashioned ninja whupass put on them.
27)Troops are always moving somewhere.
28)There is always someone waiting to give you bad karma,and the cowards will never tell you who they are.
29)The Nobody is about to save us. (Beso)
30)That's not a UFO,F'Tard, it's a Geese. Or Maybe a chinese lantern.(Aussie AC)
31)The world is saved on an almost daily basis by the collective power of the GLP effect. (Cebu4U)
32. The truth of any thread is directly proportionate to the amount of shills that show up to refute the thread.(Talus)
33. Japan currently glows in the dark. Along with most of the Pacific Ocean, West Coast and possibly the Grand Canyon.(Talus)
34) Everything has a numerical value and most add up to 666 and/or the next doom date.(Eternium)
35) The Simpsons are used to send us embedded messages.
36) The Zetas are right again! If right is a code word for wrong. (GLP-Christian)
37) Just as the rabble called out for Jesus to be crucified there will be shills who call cry out against YOU, "BANE HIM,BANE HIM". Fear not, your voice will once more be heard and can utter the phrase "I gotz baned". (GLP-Christian and Eternium)
38) In earthquake warnings telephone poles are always in danger of being damaged.
39) The False Flag is going happen next week, and if not then,probably the week after.
40)) The BS Flag shall be flown if a story sounds like bs or there is a prediction that is most likely going to be bs.
41) "OMG,There was just a M Class flare. Carrington event on the way!"
42) You should have bought gold and silver in 2003 because any day now they're going through the roof.
43) The New Jerusalem Calendar is just about to issue in a new age for us all.
44) "Are Belong to Us" As in, all the Fema plastic coffins are belong to us. (Cassie :-))
45) Speaking of FEMA, They do have a plastic coffin with YOUR NAME on it.
46) Nasa confirms Birds CANNOT fly to the Moon.
47) You Will be hit by the one star bandit, it's the low rent red karma.
48) fagmann&fagmann & fagmann&fagmann? Really? Who are they?
49) Haarp is about to cause an earthquake,create a storm,make everyone crazy.
50) "Drake said it, I believe it." You can fill in the blank with Drake,Wilcox,Fulsome,Terrall,or the prophet du jour.
51)That Wild Colleen was crazy as a bat,but I'd hit it.
52) The Moon,or the Sun, is not where it should be.
53) No matter what it is, if it ain't a geese then it's always Venus.
54) The testicles of GLPers sometimes smell like A-1 sauce and/or corn chips.
55)Never let the facts get in the way of a good discussion.(Poriwoggu)
56) Sometimes all you have to do is "just look at it".
57) NASA always lies to the Merican people.Hmmm,maybe those birds CAN fly to the Moon.
58) "You mad,bro?" can be used to diffuse an asshat.
59) You don't really think we went to the moon? You do? I guess you think Curiosity is actually on Mars t0.
60) There are occasional multi-millionaires who are waiting to hand out large sums of money to worthy GLPers.
61)The chemtrails are shielding us from the evils of the sun while also giving us morgelleons and just generally poisoning us.
62) GLP is an excellent forum for advise on Sex and Relationships.
63) We're all waiting with baited breath to hear about your prophetic dream.)
64)You can post an eloquent,fact filled post which everyone ignores,then three hour later some tard will post a dumbed down version of your post and it gets pinned. That's how we rolls.
65)Flouride has crusted up our 3rd eye inhibiting us from our true psychic powers and ascension into the fifth dimension.
66) There are ways to decalcify your pineal gland.
67)There is always a special report circulating in the kremlin this morning
#68) "Cool story Bro." is a common response to a startling revelation from an uncle or the friend of a neighbor's friend's uncle.
#69) "Move along folks, there's nothing to see here" usually used when it was a geese or just venus.
#70)When a celebrity dies, there is always a time shift and that celeb has been dead for years.
#71) All Reptilians are evil and bad.
#72_Any doom posted by a Titor prophet is true.
#73) A simple thread about the most innocent of topics can turn into a racist debate.
#74) Pictures or it didn't happen. Most popular in threads discussing OP's girlfriend/wife's bodacious tatas/posterior.
#75) In all matters celestial it is good form to "Ask AStromut"
76) A Bump shall be used to bring new life to an old or new thread that has fallen off the first page in hopes to get more people to post and/or notice the thread.
77) The tasty treat that involves something between two slices of bread is a sammich.
78) Something BERZERK is always going down in the Gulf of Mexico.
79) If there is a quake in Alaska,the buoytards are always entering the fray.
80} The election,any election,is most likely stolen.
81) If it's not any of the objects in 30, and it's not swampgas,then it is a weather balloon.
82) Hegal and Valugua have never ONCE predicted something that actually happened.

83) Solar Guardian has never got one right either.
84) That thing you see in the western sky is VENUS.
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