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Subject Piece Multiplies Unless Bled
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Original Message It was tv that ruined the American revolution after WWII. It promoted a mesmerized state while also providing sub-human-intelligent imagery in place of any spontaneous imagery which might have been provided by natural destiny in the interest of further human evolution while practicing various meditations without yack box assistance. Take a History Channel tour of the White House in sync with films like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark; Opera; Suspiria; and the Black Swan (or in sync with UFO documentaries) and you will find hints to the effect that when the Royal Family comes over, group meditation around the Second Floor Dining Room Table is practiced. Only intelligent people enjoy freedom. All others are subject to an intelligentsia.

The piece symbol and the related two-finger piece or victory sign symbolizes Taurus, which further symbolizes absolute freedom of latitude as infinite-distant point in its most abstract form of practical analogy and alchemy - an impossible ideal in itself, but useful as a practical tool in the protection of freedom under duress. Various influences of an alchemically "mithraic" nature have been used throughout history to "bleed freedom to death" in regards the common people. This form of infinite-distant point meditation has been central in every attempt at genuine human freedom for thousands of years, and every one of these freedom movements have been immediately and effectively infiltrated and bled out as they were either destroyed (Templars) or replaced either with false version of themselves (Freemasonry), or other "revolutions" useful for "death by eventual association" (American Revolution undermined by French Revolution, War of 1812, and Communism, etc...). The eagle on the Great Seal of the United States was altered after WWII for this reason, as a symbol of imperial victory over the American Revolution. The Piece Symbol has suffered similar false use in recent history, outside it's alchemical context. One day, anyone writing an essay on Thomas Jefferson or George Washington could very well find themselves labeled as a Socialist or even Communist, though both the Democrat and Republican Parties effectively promote a newer form of lower socioeconomic class socialism, of a modern feudalistic nature. Capitalism is for the top class.
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