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Subject My experience on the moon, and coming events.
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Original Message Hello All.

For those of you that havn't read the other thread I did attempt to share something of my story on here not long ago. On reflection I realize that I should have first signed up to GLP and gone about this in a much more formal way. So I will begin by telling you of my experience and how I have come to know what I do.

I am from a very remote part of china and I grow up in a very very wealthy family. My family heritage is such that I am not within the normal confines of society. I was very early on educated in a very different way to most people. My education was assimilated by a secret society which had ties to just about every institution and organization that contributes to yeilding both economic and political power.

The society of which I am a part specializes in culture and esoteric knowledge, and is one of the main secret societies that until recently has recieved no mention and has remained completely under the radar.

The details about this society is not so much important. Early on I recognized that there was 2 types of approaches in this world.

The first approach was the insitution type approach, where you could label and define it's structures policies and rules. The second type of approach was undefiniably fluid. And contained more abstract advanced concepts which the common people are not able to graspas yet.

During my initiations I was reconigzed as someone that had a rather extremely high potential of moral intelligence. For this reason I was given special privlidges over certain resources and freedoms which are not so much the normal.

I experienced many things which some of you would know of as bizaree and strange. Revealing all of it, is not so much appropriate. But there is some things which I should reveal.

these are:
*What I experienced on the moon
*What I learnt from my traveling and initiations that indicates about future events
*About my secret society.

I have been given permission, by my closest allies, to reveal a good portion of this. Which has never before been released.

We are coming to a time in human history now where for the first time, some people are coming near to a state where they would be able to take participation in the second type of living which I have been brought up in (indivisible undefinable, holographic social group)

This is the group, that is depicted in the infamous pyramid
symbol. The eye at the top. Ruling and unseen, disconnected from the hierarchial system that it rules over. What is not commonly understood is anyone is free to be a part of the 2 different types of 'paradigms' that relate which each other to form that symbol. If you are to be a part of the all seeing eye, you must work within it's paradigm. Then you rule over the hierarchial paradigm. Many follow the Hierarchial paradigm because they cannot understand how the holographic one works. This leads them to varies position depicted symbolically in that pyramid symbol depending on their state of being within the structure. By those within the holographic paradigm will always be within that all ruling all seeing eye.

My upbringing was within the holographic paradigm. Hence I didn't go through the normal processes that many of the public go through, in their journey of growing up.

This probaly explains the immense wealth and power of my family heritance which has always followed the holographic way.

Now I have got that out of the way I will be talking about my experience growing up. How I come to visit the moon and what I did there. And finally what I am planning to do now in the future.

If there is any specific questions I would have you ask them now before I continue.

Please be aware I find it very difficult to be here ever since my trip to them moon. The vibrations I am still subject to here are not the same. They are vastly different.

Once again I would ask you to look at the allegort of the cave by plato. To understand exactly how I feel. After encountering the truth about the moon, and the difference between subjective to the moons frequency on earth. In comparison with being in actual space where this frequency can be disable by other technologies that interact with your consiousness.

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