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Subject New TSA Airport Security Procedure: Pop Quiz, failure to answer leads to being detained!
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Original Message Are all American terrorists now?? How long are we going to put up with more and more "Security Messures" they make up as they see fit??

Can the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) pull you out of line without any rational reason, quiz you on where you are going and why? And if you choose not to answer, does that make you “hostile?” One newspaper writer from the Midwest found out the answers to those questions on Monday when he experienced the TSA’s new “chat-down” while waiting in line at airport security.

Muskeegon Chronical writer Steve Gunn was returning home after a few days at a music festival in Colorado. Steve’s travel agent had him flying from Denver to Detroit and then connecting to a flight from Detroit to Grand Rapids. This is a common pattern in air travel. Customers fly from one big city to another and then catch a short flight to their regional airport. It happens hundreds of times each day in Detroit alone.

As Gunn was standing in security line at the Detroit airport when a young woman in a uniform approached him. Gunn reports:

(Big Brother) actually presented himself in the deceptive form of a young, attractive female officer, working for the Transportation Security Administration at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

At first she simply seemed chatty and friendly. She looked at my airline boarding pass and noted that I was coming from Denver. Then she mentioned that I was headed from Detroit to Grand Rapids.

After explaining that he was just returning home, the TSA agent’s question started getting a bit more invasive. She wanted to know “where home was” — and that’s when Gunn realized that something was not right about this questioning and he asked why the agent needed to know all of this. Her response was that this was part of a new security “pilot program.”

[link to www.theblaze.com]
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