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Subject I have seen references to 911 and September 11 to a disconcerting level
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Original Message I'm not paranoid, fearful, or "looking for signs." I am a flat-footed, earthly-minded agnostic. But I will tell you over the past 10 years, I have seen the digits 911 as well as "September 11" phrases on various things to an alarming degree, and most recently it has become near ridiculous.

Here's an example.

In the same DAY:

1) I get a random, wrong number text from someone with 911 in their phone number

2) A family member in my house gets sent a financial book written by an individual whose organization is dedicated to proving 911 was the beginning of the end of world trade. I happen to open the book to the exact page (page 254) it starts to talk about 9/11. There's no significant reference to it before hand.

3) I open the refrigerator, and there are 3 containers of different liquid that all expire on 9/11 staring right at me.

4) I see 9/11 written on 2 license plates.


1) I search for something on YouTube, such as "Van halen press conference", and there were only like 5 video results in the millions that are on YouTube. 1 of them that displayed was about 911, and I examined it thoroughly to see that there was NO mention of 911 anywhere in the search tags, comments, titles, or even the video itself. No logical reason for it to appear.

Literally HUNDREDS of times I have seen 911 3-5 times in the SAME DAY on license plates, which is mathematically/statistically beyond chance.

What prompted me to write this? I randomly look up the rapper "Ludacris" on the net after seeing a reference in a thread. I just happened to enter "ludacris net worth" in Google, and come to a website, where I uncharacteristically read 3 paragraphs on the guy (who I have no interest in), and at the end it says he's born "September 11, 1977."

Does this mean anything will happen 9/11/12? I don't know. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
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