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Subject Ron Paul WASN'T cheated...This was the plan from the jump
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Original Message Initially, I posted this as a reply on one thread, but, chose to actually turn it into a thread of its own.

I made a very EASY Prediction not more than an hour ago on a different thread that the Ron Paul herd would cry foul, and for the next year complain about how he was cheated. It didn't take much to see THAT one coming.

As opposed to getting off their hind ends, rolling up their sleeves, and realizing that this country needs to be worked on by the PEOPLE, they are already complaining that their false messiah didn't get a fair shake. It literally only took a couple of minutes of me making that post to scan GLP and find the first thread saying that the GOP broke their own rules. sheep

YOU GUYS ARE DELUSIONAL. Absolutely DELUSIONAL. You're all aware that politics are slanted and fixed and that the system itself is biased and bought, yet, for SOME REASON you can't come to terms with the idea that Ron Paul was no different. crazy

What does it take? Does Ron Paul need to come over to your house while you're sleeping or passed out and take pictures of you as he lays his dick on your foreheads and then posts them to Facebook? What's it going to take to make you realize that his ONLY purpose was to secure delegates from other candidates so that they didn't threaten Romney? Additionally, it had another side-effect as well. To SIDELINE dissent. Ron Paul was a perfect candidate to appeal to the formerly dissatisfied populace of the Occupy and Tea Party movements. He was designed to gain their trust and pull their faith back into the system so that the movement itself could be infiltrated and redirected back into the 2 party paradigm. It was essential that they did this BEFORE the rising dissent boiled over into something that they couldn't control of on a "military level." At this point though, they've got military ALL OVER THE COUNTRY and have been bringing in tanks, ordering ammunition, and are stationing troops EVERYWHERE. Your window of opportunity was CIRCUMVENTED AND ENDED by the very man you THOUGHT would save you. The LIBERTY MOVEMENT IS OVER. -This was the WHOLE plan from the get-go. He was a BAIT AND SWITCH CANDIDATE.

This is why:
1. Ron Paul met with Bernanke in a secret meeting.
[link to blogs.wsj.com]
2. Rand Paul gives Romney Presidential Nomination- (FROM THE DAILY PAUL)
[link to www.dailypaul.com]
3. Romney is now using the "Audit the Fed" Platform-
[link to www.washingtontimes.com]
4. Romney was successful in getting spare delegates and continued trying to get Ron Paul's delegates. -Ron Paul had agreed to this all ALONG in order to secure a place at the GOP's dinner table for his son. This is a thread created by a RON PAUL FANATIC...
Thread: If Ron Paul Lost, Why Is Romney Still Trying To Steal His Delegates?

C'mon youngsters. Can't you see what is dangling right in front of you? They're old, they're smelly, and they're rotten...that's right, its Ron Paul's balls as they ping back and forth off your noses and eyeballs.

I AM truly sorry to be so insulting and descriptive, but...this is the ONLY type of language that some of you seem to understand. Its not even my style to write such nonsense.

Nonetheless...YOU WERE FOOLED and USED like the sheep Ron Paul played you for. If you can't see it after the evidence was flaunted in front of you...then you're utterly hopeless and should seek counseling. -I would think that the smell of RP's balls would get annoying by now though...

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