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Subject I am sort of a Paultard, but Bill Still is right about the gold standard, beware!
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He and Ellen Brown are good pointing out the Banker/Gov scam, nations don't need a central bank nor a gold standard, they need a money supply controlled by the people and FREE OF ANY INTEREST except one returnable to the people themselves in some way and not to greedy private bankers. A nation's money cannot be allowed to become a business for the greedy internationalist financiers.

People can call the protocols a hoax or whatever, but they made it very clear that all these economic measures we have nowadays were scams and that when the NWO was finally installed they would implement a system in which they would just print as much money as the global economy required , free of interest, and then just take or add whatever needed to avoid inflation or deflation.

It's not so complicated folks, we're being fucked upside down by these assholes.
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