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Subject How Peta Got Michael Clarke Duncan Killed 100% Truth
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Original Message Not that they did it on purpose, but I mean seriously this one is a no brainer. No one made Duncan sell out the FREE MASONS, but it was his decision. First of all, no way in hell the meat industry aka FREE MASONS is going to allow a big black man which is the slave of the entertainment industry, to tell a bunch of black athletes, and other slaves to stop eating meat, and that meat causes cancer, etc.

So now, lets not be fools shall we?

Duncan died at 54 (5+4 = 9)

Duncan died on 9/3/2012 (9-3+2+0+1+2 =11)


or maybe the attempt was made for him to die on 9/2/2012 which would simply be (9+2=11)


Common Sense

Meat is mind control. Now although Duncan was a good guy, he was a slave also. Not only did he play slave roles, but he was the exact design of how the entertainment industry uses black slaves to entertain White Free Masons. Big Black Slaves are used in billion dollar business transactions through wall street, the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Don't forget about wrestling also. Celebs have impact on the small human brains of the world.

He took it to far, and that's why he is dead. No way in hell, this guy died from a heart attack, especially after being a vegetarian. So it was a win win situation for them. Take out another black celeb, and make Vegetarians look like liars by showing even if you are not a meat eater, you can die of disease. That girlfriend of his is a snake and a big time whore. Do a background check on her. She was in on it trust me.

NOW, AM I NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THE BLACK AND WHITE CHECKERED FLOORD IN THE BACKGROUND OF THIS VIDEO WHICH IS A FREE MASON SIGN? Come on. There was an attempt to murder him 1 month after the Peta Interview was released, it failed, but someone was sent to finish off the job. Had he not done the interview, and seemed so real in it, he would be alive today. They attempted to Murder him the same way they murdered Michael Jackson, yet he was strong enough to beat it. I'm sure some doctor knocked him off in the middle of the night.


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