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Subject Sept 21, 2012 -- Ultimate conspiracy doom countdown starring disclosure, alien contact, coastal flooding, nuclear hazards, earth changes
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Original Message QUICK OVERVIEW:

* Mysterious equations and automatic drawings by UFO contactee point to free energy disclosure during planetary alignment on September 21.

* Iranian nuclear engineer promises to release unprecedented advanced gravity technology freely to the entire world on September 21. When he first disclosed this technology to international diplomats on April 21, 2012, Obama released an Executive Order two days later on April 23 making it a crime to disclose or share it.

* Two Russian scientists decode crop circle pictographs which point to a second cataclysm on September 22 to occur quickly after a first one knocks out communications and internet.

* Whisleblower reports government insiders preparing for doom event, moving families and equipment inland, related space event occurring by September 26.

* And another contactee says big changes in global power September 13-23, but attempts for worldwide conflict will fail.

* Plus earthquake watch for planetary alignment and Fall solstice September 21

Details below...
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