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Subject Women "Act" Sex To Get Love And Men "Act" Love To Get Sex
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Original Message This make believe i want you,make believe i love you act,is what keeps our relationship world turning and it is based on people continuously lying to eachother to get what they want from the other person.It is why the divorce rate is so high today,unlike in the not so long ago past,when people actually needed eachother to live.Most people only look at the surface of someone and their emotional connection with someone is based on what the other person looks like and what they have.Not who they really are...

I believe that most adult men in this world do not and will not ever really love any woman.The vast majority of men do not control when they have sex,they do not control how much sex they will have and they do not control who they have sex with either and because of those reasons,men will have no problem whatsoever lying and telling the women in their lives that they love them,to get sex and as soon as that sex is taken away,their words of professed love and emotional understanding will very quickly vanish and turn into misery and hate.The only thing most men want is sex and most of their thoughts and actions revolve around trying to get more money to obtain more sex and nothing else...

I believe that most adult women in this world do not really like having sex with men.In this day and age,the vast majority of women in this world are in almost total control of dictating when they will have sex, how often they will have sex and who they will have sex with.Which is whenever and with whoever they want and because of those reasons, women will lease their sex to the highest bidder and naively give it to the best liar,the best actor.The man who provides a sheild,a thin veneer of emotional support.The man who appears physically to be able to provide her with the strongest children.The man with the newest car that she can be seen in and the fattest wallet she can feed from.He will get her sex and if his money is taken away,her desire for him will very quickly vanish and turn into vengeance.A cold and calculated,greed driven additude which leaves most men in the dust,picking through the emotional wreckage of broken relationships...
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