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Subject The Republican Party and the Death of America
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Original Message Two political parties control the USA and some believe there
is conspiracy between them to maintain control and they are
usually working together. The last few years have proven this
to be false. In fact the US has never been so divided since
the Civil War. These parties have become diametrically opposed. From the time Obama became President top ranking
Republicans had only one basic agenda, to remove him from
office. It did not matter what his policies were automatically
they were against them. In fact the Republican party of today
represents nothing but big money and policies to benefit
the rich. If any of you believe the Republican party truly
represents the right to life and Christian right you and the
Christian right are very naive. Except that Democrats stand
for equal rights for gays and a womens right to choose which
often antagonizes the Christian right, there is absolutely
nothing Christian about todays Republicans - the fat cats
who only stand for the fat cats and the hell with the rest
of us.

And what will happen if Republican triumph in the coming
election. 1. The end to universal health care; Republicans
hate it and would rather have poor people dead and the
middle class deeply in debt. 2. Massive unemployment leading
to a full scale Depression; Republicans have sworn to cut
back on government spending and eliminate as much government
as possible and like it of not the government is the biggest
employer and payer of salaries in the US; so a big spending
cut backs by government will cause much more un-employment;
economic havoc and a world wide depression.

It has often been said that Democrats stand for big
government and there is some truth to this; But given the
choice who would you rather have in control, Government or
money fat Billionaires whose sole purpose is to enslave you
to their money?
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