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Subject Carolyn Hamlett (Illuminati survivor) - Beyond the Physical Realm
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Original Message 1) How you were involved in Satanism?

I was born into a bloodline of many generations of servers to Lucifer and his spiritual hierarchy. There are two major divisions of this organization, both of which involve the physical and the spiritual realms and beings (entities, principalities) from both the physical and "non-physical". One major division of this organization is blatant Satanism. The other is the more deceptive side, which is primarily in charge of putting the anti-Christ into power. Both sides are directed by Satan/Lucifer and his spiritual hierarchy.

Some of my family served directly in the physical realm which involved the founding of the United States and working behind the scenes in politics and with the military...all working toward the "One World Order", now referred to as the "New World Order".

The members of my bloodline who showed a strength for the supernatural were chosen to work in the supernatural as well as the physical realm. My great-grandfather was one, my mother another, and then I.

2) Were you raised by cultists?

Though my mother raised me, she took orders from others on how to raise me, the same as I took orders on how to raise my offspring. Most of my mother's orders came from "the ascended masters" and her three physical mentors who wrote books and literature for Lucifer Trust, aka. Lucius Trust Publishing Company.

We were the rulers of all earthly cults, at the top of the hierarchy which ruled over direct Satan worship and the "white lodge".

3) Is your family still involved?

Of my closest relatives, most of those who were deeply involved are dead now. I'm not sure of some of my estranged relatives. There are only a couple of my closest family members alive today who even knew a little about our family "business". They were aware of "the spiritual hierarchy", but could not deal with the demonic as I could, so they were not used. These relatives became real Christians back in the early 1970's. I am sure their prayers for me helped me break free many years later.

4) Did you ever attend rituals or suffer ritual abuse?

I have attended many rituals and I have also suffered abuse. Most people think that rituals take place only on the physical; however, rituals are also held in the supernatural. I have attended on both levels.

I have also been subjected to mind control experiments and "military" programming. I have seen things that few would believe, though as time moves on, more people are more likely to believe. I am an expert in many areas, yet know very little in other areas.

Out of everything that I could tell people, the very most important thing has to do with the "anti-Christ". This is a real deal. You see, the military (not just the USA) is run by "the family". Some family members are trained and programmed to operate here on the physical, some in the supernatural, some in both. I received training in both. Both serve the same agenda. Soon I will be speaking out more about the "anti-Christ". Some will say that I am nuts because of "MK-ULTRA", but in truth, it is the physical that serves the agenda of the spiritual. I have both experiences. I intend to share what I know even if not one soul believes me. To not do so, would be morally wrong.

Q&A: [link to beyondthephysical.blogspot.com]

Read more about her at the blog "Beyond the Physical Realm".
[link to beyondthephysical.blogspot.com]
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