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Subject Obama the AntiChrist
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Original Message Some say he's too stupid to be the AntiChrist. I say He knows exactly what he's doing

[link to www.youtube.com]

I saw this video on GLP recently and was blown away. It doesn't bother me in the least if you believe me or not...BUT...I had a dream the night of January 20th 2009. The day Obama was sworn in. The dream was set in a city downtown street and a parade was going by and there were 1000s of excited witness' waiting for the main attraction of the parade, It was Obama in a convertible similar to the one JFK was assassinated in. As the newly sworn in president drove by the anticipation erupted into frenzy and it slowly drove by. As it passed the area I was in and moved to my right, it had just got out of sight when we heard gun shots and the crowd paniced, I say Obamas head slump and my cell phone started "chirping" a frantic noise I hadn't heard before and soon realized that every ones phones were making the same "chirp" as I looked at my phone I realized it wasn't the same phone I had seconds earlier. It was generic looking and everyone in the crowd realized they had the same phone as well. It was still ringing out loud and as I looked away from my phone towards the president's car he emerged as an Egyptian Pharaoh in full Pharaoh garb. The end of this video is EXACTLY what I saw in my dream in 2009. The next day I told my family and friends and I have brought it up occasionally just to make sure they remember me telling them this dream....WEIRD

I think we should fill this thread with any and all obama videos suggesting the same thing. Start looking and posting
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