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Subject LADY GAGA - [UPDATE: Happy 28th...she made it! G.U.Y. Breakdown/ROSELAND Closing in NYC: 7 shows-7 nights-ends April 7th (239 W.52nd St)!!!]
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Original Message Branching off from this thread:

Thread: WOMEN/MOTHER/GODDESS ?! - What GIRLS Are Made of - Who Will She Be? Who Will She Give Birth To? - Montages/PICS in 2012

Before I get into it further...these are just puzzle pieces...I'm not making any predictions!

2012 was the year of Gaga for me. I don't know if it became an obsession at one point but I wasn't following her every move.
She just happen to be in the media so much that you couldn't miss her unless you're off the internet!


Based on what you're about to see below, here are the pieces as I see them:

A> Lady Gaga could be the sacrifice for New York City! Her first appearance and her wardrobe (see pics below) at the NYC New Year's Eve 2012 balldrop possibily foretold New York City's demise as well as her own!!

B> She could be NEXT to join the 27 Club (see vid below) when she turns 27 on March 28, 2013. Her upcoming third album is called "ARTPOP"...she herself is a walking piece of art that could get POPPED stoned!

C> When you calculate the time of her conception with her birthdate, you get JULY 4th! She was born in 3/28/86...the statue celebrated its CENTENNIAL five months later on 10/28/86! This year, the Statue of Liberty will reopen its interior after A FULL YEAR of being closed for renovations, on its 126th birthday (1+26=27!)!!

**Just saw this thread posted today:
Thread: Today is the 225th birthday of the United States Constitution
2(2+5) = 27...wow!

D> She's been seen wearing the Statue of Liberty crown during her Born This Way Ball tour recently.

E> Her YOU & I video that debuted August 2011 shows her being sprayed with a poisonous perfume...alluding to her first perfume FAME campaign that just came out this month, which she herself is promoting it as a poison that seduces any lover you want! Then she transforms into a mermaid...a human/hybrid species. This is telling of the bioweapon that could be unleashed soon (see links below)!

F> Lady Gaga Debuts 'Princess D.I.E.' Live in Australia (see video & link below) with a bright ORANGE wig. Lady Gaga fears she will meet her fate the same way as Princess Diana.

G> Lady GaGa dedicated a song for William and Kate before their wedding last year: a cover of a Nat King Cole classic called 'Orange Colored Sky' blink...ORANGE being the theme this year (video & link below)?!! Kate Middleton's COAT OF ARMS has the chevron design...matching the shaved look on the back of Lady Gaga's head? The acorn/leaves looks like the cherub. The acorn also looks like the FAME perfume bottle. Could it also hint of her demise as well...angel of death?

H> Gaga's Twitter page has original artwork from an artist who she hired on the spot via the internet after she saw this portrait of her. She included five DISNEY PRINCESSES!!

I> The Guggenheim launch: She arrived completely covered in a floral robe decorated in FLOWERS (alludes to the DIA murals, the ingredients to her perfume, the Diana/Will&Kate orchids, LSD/DMT/Datura stramonium, etc.) She is shown depicted as a "SNOW WHITE", after she falls asleep inside the perfume bottle display, as if she has bitten the 'POISONED APPLE' aka the Big Apple! She kissed Mayor Bloomberg at the New Year's Eve ball drop. She also has kiss-stained lips painted all over her body with area code 212 BACKWARDS so you would need a MIRROR (Mirror Mirror on the Wall) to read it!!

HUGE HINT OF THE MARK...THE MARK OF CAIN: Her reddish-brown wig with the golden fruit crown has been marked with a BRIGHT RED stain right on top of her head!!

J> The Macy's launch: She arrived in a Cinderella-styled horse-drawn carriage, dressed as an alien/human hybrid, the THING she transformed into in her ritual-themed FAME perfume commercial (video below). Her shoes (Cinderella symbolism?) has miniature men climbing up all over it, depicting her as a GIANT/NEPHILIM.

K> Her videos PAPARAZZI & TELEPHONE both have poison/death/miracle healing via humanoid resurrection/US flag ensemble written all over it as WARNINGS OF WHAT'S TO COME!

L> Gaga has the COAT DRESS, HAT & GLOVES that looks eerily like the SOLDIER in the DIA murals. The color ORANGE shows up again (Agent ORANGE/Nuclear fallout?!). It is UNCANNY BY FAR to see her DAISY tattoo on her left shoulder, depicted in the mural on the DEAD SOLDIER'S left shoulder as well!! It looks like a hairbrush too...correlating to her ever-changing wigs/hairstyles. The ads for her perfume couldn't be more blatant in its message!!



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Statue of Liberty interior to re-open to public next month on her 126th birthday
[link to news.yahoo.com]

Lady Gaga teases fans with 'ARTPOP' album details



Thread: Lady Gaga on the cover of VOGUE September 2012...London Olympics Gold Medal? Also...9/16/12 ?!! [UPDATE: You & I Video's Hidden Message!]

The anti-Little Mermaid: Semi-nude Lady Gaga transforms into a nightmarish version of the mythical creature
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Now that's slick! Lady Gaga's bare body is drenched in oil for bizarre mermaid photo shoot
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Should have checked the weather forecast: Lady Gaga brandishes a parasol despite the lack of any sunshine in London
(mermaid at the beach scene painted on umbrella)
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]


Lady Gaga Debuts 'Princess Die' Live in Australia

Princess D.I.E - CRAZY good BLOG stoned
[link to mysteryoftheinquity.wordpress.com]

The Fame Monster: Lady Gaga fears she will meet her fate the same way as Princess Diana after being hounded by 'crazies'
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

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