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Subject El Hierro / Canary Islands - Most Recent Information By The Most Diligent - And Recap Of Past Year
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Original Message I am the former user "Idgits". About 100 consistent followers and contributors and I created the most informative thread on El Hierro and the Canary Islands archipelago that GLP has ever seen. Thread: Best El Hierro Thread On GLP - Canary Islands - ACTIVITY HAS RETURNED - AGAIN! I have since deleted the account that I was using to start that thread, thus the reason it says "AC" now as the original poster.

During the course of that thread I removed all of the "Hi's" and "How are you's" and "bump's" until about page 500...which condensed the thread down to around 280 pages. It has since continued to grow and has become a true source of facts surrounding the earthquake swarm and eventual eruption that took place last year, ending early this year.

Since that eruption officially ended, Hierro has shot back into action several times. I believe we are on the 4th major swarm of activity that has occurred since the eruptive phase ended. It has been recommended by one of our most consistent and well informed users "Shenue" as well as others, to start a new thread to showcase the newest events occuring in Hierro. The previous eruption was incredible, teaching science a whole new concept and understanding of underwater eruptions. It also produced the most radioactive lava ever recorded.

The most incredible feat of Hierro though, is how much pressure it is capable of maintaining WITHOUT erupting. In the last swarm we saw such an incredible increase in pressure that any other geologic formation would've theoretically blown sky high. But not Hierro...it's always maintained it's strength. The current combined energy under Hierro from both magma flow and seismic energy released is basically unknown as IGN stopped recording all the joules together...they stopped the eruptive phase recording in May of this year...here is that chart [link to www.01.ign.es]

So...this new thread is to pick up where Hierro has brought us now. I need to be able to change the thread title as events occur and be able to alert people with that title in case something serious occurs. In addition, there is SO MUCH information in that past thread that it's difficult for new users and followers to sift through to the most recent activities. Below I have comprised a list of information and links relative to the old thread. It's information that took us a year plus to gather!
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