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Subject The Price of a Koran
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Original Message by Daniel Greenfield

"....Each of their murders imposes their religion on us. They impose their notion of what is important and what isn't important. Twenty years ago no one would have cared a fig for a burned Koran or a cartoon of Mo. Today either one earns you an accusation of endangering the lives of American soldiers and inciting violence. Dress up as Zombie Mohammed and Judge Mark Martin will tell you that in a Muslim country you would get the death penalty. That's not the way it works here. Yet.

What's the price of a Koran? Whatever Muslims see fit to charge us for it and whatever our leaders are willing to pay. Not just in lives or ranks of men who were risking their lives in the way that B. Hussein could not even begin to imagine, but in the big picture appeasement.

At the store of international and domestic affairs in Washington DC, Muslims haul up a bunch of corpses and in return we pay them with all sorts of concessions, both tangible and intangible. Cartoons stop appearing in newspapers. Books don't get printed. Presidents attend Iftar dinners. Muslims get appointed to high positions. NASA gets retooled into a Muslim empowerment agency. And all of that isn't enough because the blood price never gets paid.

The essence of the vendetta is that it is eternal. It can only be resolved by marriage, by mingling two bloods into a single clan. If we agree to become Muslims, we can be part of their clan. Without that we are forever the targets of their rage, inferior in their minds, yet materially superior, despised in the Koran, but somewhat triumphant in land and wealth. A religious paradox that can only be resolved by subjugating us or by converting us..."

[link to sultanknish.blogspot.com]

a brilliant piece from the sultan.
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