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Subject For true love, for true rememberence... For the spark that turned into a fire
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Original Message This is for true rememberence
This is for true love

This is for the heart which always calls
and this is for the song that never ends

This is for you this is for me
Igniting love unendlessly

This is for the walls that was built by hate and broken by love

This is for borders which melts away

This is for the wave of our collective heart
This is the song of a brandnew start

This is for always and this is for gone
This is for separation, an ending song

This is for all that cried in vain
This is for loss and for the pain

This for true love to flow again
This is for our hearts be a friend

This is for all the shadows and dust

We pass every minute, we try every day
To make what seem hopeless, to a better way
If we do remember, remember our heart
The task here before us, will fly out from start

True love is calling YOU, true rememberence... Yes, there is true love, there is purpose, there is reason, there is a better way....

There is a love and a flame that carries beyond the borders of this Universe, the limits of this dream... You, yes YOU, have no limits, you can do everything... Inside you is a spark so deep and strong that it exists beyond space and time, everything created
In there, inside the innermost of your essence, is a flame, glowing, if you do choose to nurture it, and listen to it quiet voice, the flame will grow... Become a fire.. A fire of pure love, truth and essence, a flame of the spirit, which bypass the laws of creation, the laws of this dream... Connected to pure love, pure spirit, there are no laws and rules, only truth... Only truth, everlasting truth...
In there is the freedom you have always had, which were always truly yours, which you forgot, sinking into the dust and shadows within these realms...
So many looks for the sky or for leaders for solution, for salvation, but the true savior, the true salvation, comes from within, from within YOUR essence, from within YOUR spirit...
There is no but, only place, only from within, true rememberence, true lover, true freedom...
YOU are to save this world by YOUR loving gentle heart, connecting from there, living from there...

You may ask, how do I nurture this flame so that it will grow, listen and you will know, take the true intention and it will be, there are no books and no masters to guide you, only the truth from within, resonating at the deepest of deepest levels...
Only there may you touch it, because this world of shadow and dust are so filled with lies, illusions and flawed concepts, you have to cut through all of this non-sense and listen so hard and so deep, and there, there on the limit of your perception, on the limits of what you have ever touched, there is the flame, the flame of true remembrence and love...
It calls you from within, beyond words and flawed tunes, beyond mindcontrol and politics, beyond all the games and the players...
It calls you and good or bad, white or black, weak or strong, doesn't matter... This is not about judging yourself and others, this is about touching that very truth of truth and start living it...
When you do that, the world is already saved

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