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Subject The Men In Black ransacked my house, took everything!!
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Original Message I am writing this, with my hand trembling, i cant believe what i have gone through.

My name is Morgan Fressenheimer, and i am an abductee, have been so all my life, i dont consider myself the chosen one or special or anything, because many people across the world are abducted too, that is a fact!

Anyway recently i had been getting visits by tall men (7 foot tall) with black suits and hats, telling me to keep quiet and not talking about my experiences.

I defied this, and recently when to a ufo conference where i showed photos and videos of my experience, including a sample of handprints and marks left by one of the ets.
I came back to my house today after being away at conferences for the last week and found my house broken into, everything was ransacked, taken, even the beds were gone, nothing remained.

I am using the neigbours wifi to write this.
I have lost everything, and now, i fear for my life because my neighbours told me they were shouting that they would be back

I am on here for advice as to what to do now, but the one thing i am not going to do is let them silence me.
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