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Subject Are We Too Politically Correct?
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Original Message It suppresses human rights.
It takes away our freedom of speech. Which is what the forefather's believed was a basic human right.

A disagreement can be classified as 'discrimination' or 'hatred'.
As an example have you ever heard a black person say "It's because I'm black", that's their way of saying "I am not smart enough to argue with you so I'll just throw my race in your face".

"You often get that in areas of sexual orientation, for example. Of those who think homosexuality is wrong, it's too easy to say they hate, when really they are only describing the phenomenon of disagreement."
[link to www.nzherald.co.nz]

It gives races a sense of superiority
Now it's almost as though people of other races (black, Jewish, Spanish, middle eastern) can say what ever they want about the white man, but when a white man does it it's 'hatred'. It gives other races a sense of superiority, but any white man who says that's wrong is either racist or sexist.

Sometimes it results in death.
We are so scared as a society to voice our opinions or even talk about it that there are radicals out there right now not being confronted because were afraid to offend their religion. A perfect example of that has to be The Fort Hood Shooting.

It's depriving people of freedom of religion.
As a teacher when the holidays come around we can't even put up decorations anymore out of fear of offending other people's religion. Except instead of offending peoples religions you're depriving children of fun. Because Christians think Halloween is 'evil' kids can't dress up at school or enjoy a childrens holiday. Because religions have gotten so butt hurt over the holidays we can't even sing Chrsitmas songs at schools anymore they have to be "Winter songs", we can't call it "Christmas Break" (which lets be honest thats what it is) we have to call it "Winter Break". Children are being deprived of things that used to bring joy to our lives as children because we have to be so politically correct.

Banned in the name of political correctness


* Golliwogs, the black-faced dolls, which first appeared in the late 19th century and became villains in Noddy stories, went out of favour as they were considered to convey racist overtones.

* Little Black Sambo and Rupert Bear books such as Rupert on Coon Island were ostracised because they harked back to a legacy of slavery.


* Barbie changed shape in 1998, losing the large breasts and tiny waist.


* Punch and Judy puppet shows came under attack after two centuries because councils deemed a man who beat his wife with a stick to be a bad role model.


* British banks are banning piggybanks as they may offend Muslims, who do not eat pork for religious reasons.

* Banned:
the words spinster and bachelor will be banned on British marriage certificates as the Registrar General says they cannot be applied to homosexuals. "Single" will be used instead.
[link to www.nzherald.co.nz]

So let me ask you all this, are we a society full of sensitive little babies? I think yes.
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