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Subject my name is zakk here is what I saw - tell me im crazy ... im repeating 100% the truth for 10 years and they still say its fake
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Original Message I saw illegal governments, redneck white trash go back to a cult that runs the country. learn that on the street for 10 years in hollywood after 25 years in a 1 stoplight redneck town. something aint right there anyway, like backwards in space time.

anyway, I ran away from masonics who said join them or die to hollywood, santa monica ... to live at the beach. I had that fletch scene in mind , at the beach with rollerskates... it turned into men in black meets the fbi, cia, secret service, lapd, norfolk seal teams , meets world leaders and celebrities who ...

are all programmed to dance to an underground cult beat... in front of the aliens on youtube, in front of everyone watching.

who put the spies to put the magic spy cult infect the world and then run the game ..... ahha on glp for 10 years and still say its fake. looks funny. thats falcon and the snowman meets down periscope with a country boy can survive to boot ...then play hollywood undead , lived with them in hollywood, met spy teams in space time, celebs playing other sub games in the matrix... highlander jumanji with ... I saw aliens, celebrities with space time distorions around them, lizards and shape shifting with spies... aliens... and different kinds of esp...

all push too, im not in a cult, im a live.. play any song about 'alive' ... its a masonic alien vocabulary programmed mind trick with 'sound' in the space. in the dead matrix.

think anything egypt and when you say middle east ... think east coast of north carolina in the usa, and think pirate and nazi treasure and gold... think blackbeard :>

go look it up, its got my name all over it... tulls bay marina, tull bay and knotts island .. blackbeard.

. hahah the rednecks who fucked me have some kind of vault there... and someone said kruegerand ...

thats before I said international terrorists..

and then someone said thats die hard ... nakatomi plaza got jacked.

binary for the aliens watching everything from 1972 to now.

I saw spy agencys and world leaders show up involved in a bigger game played on the streets of santa monica lead back to the space time acting cult.

who acted me in and said I was crazy and let me log what they do for ten years ... here on glp.

the paranoid schitzo....delusional.. 5150.crazy man.

me :>
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