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Subject PRE-9/11 ASSASSINATION: An Overlooked and VERY Important Event in the 9/11 Chronology. MUST READ!!!
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Original Message On September 9, 200 (2 days before 9/11), Ahmad Shah Massoud ("The Lion of Panjir") was assassinated. He was an ethnic Tajik from the north of Afghanistan, and had battled the Soviet Union, as well as the Taliban. He was very well respected (even by his enemies) and loved by his allies. He was a coalition builder among the various tribes that constituted the resistance to both the Soviet communist occupation of Afghanistan, and the subsequent Taliban takeover of the country. He was a warrior who led courageously by example, proving his mettle time and time again for over 2 decades. Heavy on charisma, courage, and humility, he was the symbol of an Afghanistan nation, yearning to shed the yoke of oppressive rule, from wherever it came. He was loved like no other leader of his time anywhere in the world.

Suicide bombers, posing as a reporter and a cameraman (with the video camera and battery belt loaded with explosives) killed Massoud while conducting their much sought after interview with him. Tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan turned out to mourn his loss, and dignitaries from foreign nations paid their respects, as well.

Here's the connection to 9/11...

It's my contention (and that of many others) that there was foreknowledge of 9/11, and that roadblocks to its derailment be removed, thus clearing the way for a smooth "new Pearl Harbor" (ala the report "Rebuilding America's Defenses" by the Project for the New American Century), which would allow for neoconservative foreign policy objectives that otherwise would be unattainable.

Most of us have read the reports that an invasion of Afghanistan had been planned earlier in 2001.

Also, most of us recall Vice President Dick Cheney's secret energy meetings of February 2001, which a government watchdog group sued to have the minutes of be made public. The case went to the Supreme Court. Several weeks before the Court was to rule on the case, VP Dick Cheney went duck hunting in Louisiana with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for several days. (Gee, I wonder what Cheney discussed with him) Lo and behold, when it came time for the Supreme Court to rule on the case, it ruled that the minutes from VP Dick Cheney's secret energy meetings did NOT have to be made public.

Most of us also recall that, as Governor of Texas, George W. Bush facilitated a meeting between the Taliban government of Afghanistan and American oil interests in Texas in 1998. This meeting was to discuss a proposed pipeline that American oil executives wanted to build through Afghanistan (because they had to skirt Iran due to political considerations and sanctions) from the Caspian Sea Basin down through southern Pakistan and out to the Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean). It was reported that after much wrangling, the American oil delegation gave the Taliban an ultimatum: "We'll either carpet you in gold, or we'll carpet you in bombs." In other words, they made them an offer they couldn't refuse. But the Taliban DID refuse.

With the "new Pearl Harbor" (9/11) approaching, American officials wanted the "climate" in Afghanistan to be as much in our favor as possible. Meaning: American officials wanted an absolute puppet waiting in the wings to take power in Afghanistan, once the inevitable & planned military overthrow of the Taliban occurred. Someone America could control totally and absolutely. That man was/is Hamid Karzai. Prior to 9/11, Hamid Karzai worked for UNOCAL as that company's representative in Afghanistan. Don't be fooled by the tribal attire he wears. He's as much at home in that attire as Jesse Jackson would be wearing the white hood and sheet of the KKK. He's a western (specifically American) puppet.

However, the logical choice to head the new Afghanistan would be Ahmad Shah Massoud. There was no doubt in anyone's mind, if Afghanistan could once again win its freedom, Massoud was far and away the most eligible, credible, respected, loved, and charismatic person to rule Afghanistan. In a country where tribal disputes fractured the people, the National Hero of Afghanistan -- Ahmad Shah Massoud -- was a tried and tested coalition builder, proving his mettle doing so during the Soviet Occupation and the Taliban rule.

However, Massoud presented a problem for American officials in their post-Taliban Afghanistan. Massoud was capable of leading withOUT incredible amounts of foreign aid or military occupation. His life was a resume to assume leadership of the country he loved so much. But American officials needed someone who needed America as much or more than we needed them. Enter Hamid Karzai -- an installed puppet, who, without massive American monetary and military aid, would fall tomorrow, because he's not a well-respected, battle-tested, coalition-building, charismatic Mujahideen hero from past wars of freedom in Afghanistan. American officials wanted someone they could control. Someone who, when American officials said, "Jump!", he'd ask, "How high?" American officials wanted someone who so thoroughly needed American power to prop him up, that he wouldn't put up a fuss when American oil companies wanted to build a pipeline through his country...or re-allow the cultivation of the massive opium crop...or make military incursions into Pakistan...to prospect for valuable minerals like lithium (which is used to make batteries for computers, smart phones and smart pads, and which Afghanistan is loaded with).

The timing was perfect. On September 9, 2001, the two suicide bombers (believing they were doing the Taliban's or al Qaeda's or whomever's will -- all of whom at their highest level work for American intelligence, as they were a creation of American intelligence in the 1980s, and have never stopped being so; but of whom at their lower levels genuinely believe they're engaged in a religious war) assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Lion of the Panjir (which is the valley in northern Afghanistan where he was from).

Now the stage was set. The Taliban's days were numbered after the soon to be completed 9/11 "terrorist attack". The slate was wiped clean for successor to rule Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai was waiting in the wings. We had our puppet, and his only competition had now been eliminated.

And we've had our way in Afghanistan (vis a vis their government leadership) ever since.
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