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Subject Love letter to the controllers...
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Original Message Hi

Sorry to bother you again
Knowing you feel the pressure just well enough at it is

Know that you had to do what you did the other day
You just had to chose from the options you see available
Chose out of what you perceive as real
If feeling tied in a corner, scared, you try to control, to impose fear and to seem powerful
It's ok
Really it is

You also know because of that, I could really touch your heart, see everything through your eyes, but also view the build up of all your system, from inside out
How you have created yourself, your families, the wheels working in this world

Been talking a long walk today, by the Ocean, just contemplating, being one with nature, closing my eyes, listening to the waves and feeling the wind

And it is coming...
It is coming, to you, to me, to everyone...
The real deal, the wave of truth, the wave of deep balance

See the fear in you, the programs, which keeps you in the role of controlling
But deeper than that, far deeper, there is longing, such a longing
The flame within you, still burning oh so softly, still feels the true change in the air, growing within you, moment by moment, whether you want it to or not
Doesn't matter, truth will be truth eternal, and truth want out in the open

Have seen it coming, the new, which is also the true ancient way of living, the pure balance of spirit, soul and body
Seen your images too, of doom and dispear, suffering and disaster
Imposed in the collective and projected into mental and astral fields, seen those too...
Yet it's easy to see through, once you realize it is but dust, it dissolves, revealing the real truth, the way its going to be
Here people live in harmony with eachother, in love, honor and joy
No need for regulations, suppression, just the free and loving life, oneness and equality, everyone living from her or his essence and that's how it all comes together, in perfect harmony...
Like a perfect choir of voices, like drops of water forming the Ocean
And it will be, balance will arise from the depths of the awakened hearts, and from the heart of the very creation...

You might not remember the first or the second fall, well some of us do, and that's why we know it's coming, because we have already tried it...
So have you, just you have forgotten...

And yes, I can see it from your side, the feeling of how unfair it is, you have spent eons on building empires of creating a perfect control, only to find out that it all is like a grain of dust on the nose of Cosmos, to be wiped away when true balance, when the flame of true love arise...
Understand the pain and the confusion in that...
All to be said, when you wake up, embrace the truth within, the moment will unfold before you, the true eternity will arise, like a wave of truth inside and outside, connecting you in loving ways with all and with everything
What have been, will fade like an echo, and from that awakened heart, you will realize that it was only dust, that you yourself is so much much more...
You might fear judgement and hate, but from this heart you will only find love and a deep joy in that moment where we again can look into eachothers eyes, knowing we were alway connected, true things never end

Also knowing it is hard, you feel the flames waking within, knowing not what to do
Your usual options doesn't apply
If you leave us alone still it grows, and if you attack us it gets even worse, bc the flames seek their equal.. In us
You may remove this voice, but it is just one of many who says and points at the same truth, many came before us and even more will follow
If you take a gallon of water from the Ocean it is still an Ocean
Truth will always be truth

You feel day by day, that the crystal wheel of truth inside you start to turn, faster and faster, dissolving all that which doesn't serve truth
That is painfull
Even you cannot speak of it with eachother, the fear and control between you is just too tight
Yet you see it in eachothers eyes, sense it in eachothers voices
Know this, there are many true loving and kind hearts who will listen, and who will not judge

Knowing it is a journey, where you have to defeat yourself, to break that enemy within and proceed deeper
To face your fears, knowing also you have been subjected to control, programming and fear (have seen those images in astral fields you are exposed to, but if you go into them... they are not real)
You have been lured with promises of power and immortality
Working together with what you thought were Gods, but was only old souls, out of balance and lusting for power

It has been eons
We all had to find a way to get through
Living in a world of lies
This heart wont blame or judge you, and I know that truthful awakening hearts wont do either
Knowing that blame and judgement is a double-edged trap
It is not for us to judge

So may they day soon arise, where we will see into eachothers eyes and hearts
Being that wave of truth and love together
Knowing that the love between us, will always be

Love and peace
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