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Subject The Universe is Feminine
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Original Message Thought I'd share this article with you

[link to wespenre.com]

3. Is the Universe Feminine, Created by a Mother Goddess?

Let's start by looking at a few different sources to see what they have to say about the Divine Feminine.

'The First Level of Learning' (from hereon called 'Level I'[def]) discussed the 'Anunnaki', who came down to Earth and started the Patriarchal Regime, which culminated with the Biblical Patriarchs, but has followed us up to present time. Although we see more women in power today than we did a couple of hundred years ago and more, men are still the ones who rule this world and the women in higher position are just working out of men's principles. On Earth, men have filled the highest echelons of power for thousands of years. Women who reach top position are still subjected to a man-dominated worldview and are simply females executing male policies.

At the same time, many people have wondered why this is. Me and my friends used to discuss this when I was a teenager. Of course, we had no clue at the time. We saw the Feminist Movement form and rise, but it was a Rockefeller sponsored movement, instigated for many reasons, except for the right one. Women started reclaiming their rights in the late 1960s, early 1970s, just like the black people did with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King (both assassinated) as their main spokesmen, and The Powers That Be (PTB)[def] felt they had to do something about this upheaval, anticipating that this movement could possibly expand. So the Rockefellers and their fellow Elite fellows wanted to firmly make a statement that nothing would be better if women were in charge. But more importantly; they steered the movement in a direction so that women became men! Many women in the movement even cut their hair to look like men; put on men's clothes; hid their femininity, and some of them started to despise (and even hate) men. I know this to be true first hand, because I grew up with it. Some young men even became afraid of these women and lost their own masculinity, only too willing to please. There were those who were afraid that no women would like them if they didn't bow down to them. And what these women were mislead to wish for was power, just like men had been misled to wish for power over many millennia; it was just the other end of an extreme. At the same time, women who still felt they wanted to remain feminine and keep female values were caught between and started feeling uncomfortable with being who they were, pressured by the Women's Liberation to change, even attacked for being just women. This movement did much more to enrich the Patriarchal Movement than to promote the Divine Feminine. The visible leaders of the Feminist Movement were all agents provocateurs[2], and more importantly; it was run by men! The movement, predictably enough, soon died out and the Men in Power could relax again -- the Rockefellers and the Patriarchal Regime had 'proved' that the world would not be a better place if women were in charge.

We still need to ask ourselves; why is the Power Elite so afraid of women coming to real power? Why have women been so suppressed and abused over the millennia, more or less through the whole history of mankind? There must be something women have that men don't have, or have less of. But what is it?

Figure 1-3. An early symbol of Mother Goddess on Earth (Mexican Codex Fejervary-Mayer, Plate 28)

The secret to the struggle between the female and the male is an ancient conflict that goes back way before mankind was born; it has to do with the female sexual and spiritual powers of the 'gods'! This power, as we shall see in later papers, were transferred down here to Earth when homo sapiens sapiens were created, hundreds of thousands of years ago. This is why the Patriarchal Regime has such a stronghold on Earth and has had for such a long time. The Divine Feminine was suppressed by the gods! And from their standpoint, it was for a 'good reason'. Before we were visited from a star race from Sirius some 450,000-500,000 years ago, other star races had already been here and were still here, teaching the beings living here then about the Divine Feminine. I will show, beyond reasonable doubt how the Patriarchal Regime changed the World Religion from one where mankind was in touch with a Female Divinity (mostly without worship involved) to several different religions where mankind worshipped masculine 'Gods'.

Robert Morning Sky is calling what the women have an abundance of, 'Fire'. This Fire is directly connected to the Goddess Universe, the Feminine Cosmos. It's not that males are not connected to the Divine -- we all are -- but the females are directly connected with the prime energy of the Universe and therefore came first and by default have more 'essence' than males do. So already here we see that the Genesis story in the Bible is reversed. In the Bible it's said that male became before female, which I claim is wrong and has been changed by the Sirian Patriarchal Regime to support worshipping of a male God.

The Fire is another word for soul, our very essence -- what LPG-C[def] calls 'information cloud'[def], which is the Divine energy surrounding the body and which contains our personality. Of course, both men and women have a soul, and we both have the Fire, which is the powerful energy of the soul. However, according to my research, which is confirmed when looking into most ancient civilizations and tribes on Earth. The feminine aspect of the soul has more 'goddess power' than the masculine because it came first. What the Global Elite and their ET (extraterrestrial) Masters are most afraid of is that people in general, and women in particular, are going to develop more of their feminine energies and become more powerful. Hence, the Feminist Movement in the 60s-70s, where the feminine aspect of women were diminished, was instigated by the Men of Power, and both men and women lost their identities, and it was also a blow to the family unit, which they know is a strong bond between people. The power they are so afraid that we will develop also has a much deeper meaning, which will be discussed later. It is so secret that the PTB and the ETs who manipulate them would lose their control over us if we really knew and started using our powers.
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