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Subject Ethical Implications of the Noosphere on Individual and Social Consciousness
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Original Message I do not believe the Noosphere/Semiosphere/Biosphere is simply a rise in collective consciousness as many would have you believe. I am of the opinion at this juncture that it is the end result of years of directed and collaborated technological effort.

Much of my reading seems to suggest that this Noosphere is simply measuring statistical deviations of what would otherwise be latent energy which radiates from our bodies. I have an alternate hypothesis that these bio-fields are either the product of electromagnetic energy emanating fro wireless radiation from cellphone towers, HAARP (over the horizon communications), and wireless routers. Furthermore there is reason to suspect that this phenomenon is intrusive in nature.

I'm not one to dismiss something like this out of hand without first considering the ethical ramifications which follow. Under consideration it is clear that much utility could be accomplished with this new technology. A thing can be judged by its fruits right? What are the potential benefits and detriments of such technology?

More to follow...
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