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Original Message With regard to Trinity and others blatant misrepresentation of the real political paradigm, let's begin with the "caveman".


There is no government in caveman land. Caveman capitalist gathers food, plants seeds and has a harvest. He trades with others that do the same. In these trades he acquires a horse and uses the horse to drag logs from the forest and uses its strength to hoist them in the air, stacking them one atop the other. Soon enough he has a fine log house and moves outta the cave. Life is looking good and others see this as an advance over their own circumstance and so they work to achieve the same level of productiveness and accommodations. Caveman capitalist assists these folk and he charges for his horse and expertise. He gets more horses and soon he has a logging and construction business. He draws plans for log homes on granite slabs and trades these for what he can barter. Business is booming, life is good. Others learn from his example and similarly they move outta the cave and not far away build their own cabin. Some partner with caveman capitalist and expand their offerings into new areas. Eventually entire towns of log cabins and associated enterprises sprout up and down the length of caveman country. Trade expands, knowledge expands and the general welfare of caveman capitalistís people is elevated.

A caveman socialist drifts into caveman capitalistís town one day. He speaks of the unfairness and inequity between his tribeís condition and that of caveman capitalistís tribe. We are all cavemen, he says, where is your empathy for those much poorer in their situation. If you loved us like you do one another, you would share your bounty, he says. He preaches words of guilt then questions the chance his tribe never had in the way of opportunities, as if success was a roll of the stone dice. By means of doubt, he convinces some that there is a measurement whereby all can benefit. He says that each has an ability and each has a need. If we take from each according to his ability and give to each according to his need, every tribe is elevated. Caveman socialist defends his position as representative of this redistribution and thereby assures himself of a portion of this new trade between the various tribes. The State is born and soon it turns into a hierarchy of demands and rules, edicts forcefully eliciting compliant behavior. Rulers arise and pass their power from family to family.

Not long after, there is a revolution in ideology. Some believe that what wealth a man creates by application of his faculties is not to be arbitrarily subject to confiscation by another. That a man has a right to be secure in his possessions and his life, the two being not separate and needful of protection if continuance of his pursuits is to be assured. His life and that of his family and his community depends on this basic principle. They hire sheriffs to ensure some tranquility in this regard. Still, a long train of abuses follow rulers bent on redistribution of what wealth others create.

Ideological guilt by association and abuse by those who would rule has worn on the long suffering patience of those who build, they will not listen to such gibberish any longer. Soon enough blood is shed as ideological revolution turns to clubs and stone hatchets. The caveman capitalists win this revolution and take the ideas of State for their own use, chiefly to institute a government that protects their rights rather than living under a governance that robs them blind by a forceful acquiescence to dictatorial social order.

Utopians always argue a better world by arguing if - if this, if that, talk which always demands a sacrifice benefiting some while burdening others. The utopian argument thrives on the constant agitation of supposed struggles between those who donít have the log cabins vs those who built their own cabins. At best, it a constant attempt to fix one disaster with a solution that itself becomes another disaster. This is utopian engineering at its finest, a community organizing scheme at the loss of personal freedom and independence, a constant crisis.

In summary, I see the difference between the utopian argument and the capitalist argument where one is a self-sacrifice for goals achieved and this assured by both the preservation of life and its acquired possessions versus preservation of life by acquisition of possessions and this by demands of equal outcome for the same goals but achieved by the redistribution of wealth created by others accompanied by a restriction on the use of the means of production, the supposed guarantee of opportunity. All probably clear as mud, excepting this one fact: Revolutions have consequences and you ought better to consider this before you riot down my street of log cabinsÖ

Interesting analogy......

Too bad our capitalist system is now ripe with fraud. I would prefer a true "free market" over this psuedo form of capitalism that any caveman would grind his teeth over. Socialism is prison for caveman. Communism is bottomless pit for caveman. Fascism is outright dinosaur egg to caveman.....Caveman scratches head......

~No-bid contracts awarded to friends of present system,
~Derivatives and futures speculation with tax payer bailouts to hedge "their risk" and destroying what was once caveman free market (meanwhile government becomes greatest share holder now driving the agenda for all),
~Elitist Superclass use government (through ever evolving color of law) to mandate caveman contributes his/her remaining wealth to ponzi schemes A-Z including government mandated deathcare, green smart grid carbon tax plan, etc.
~Devaluation of fiat currency to ensure caveman remains poor and unable to make strides against monopoly men who own competing companies (conglomerates),
~Caveman kingdom busy playing imperialist army while jobs go to enemies of caveman and kingdom swarms caveman with insults and rhetoric and officers to eat out caveman's substance.
~Wealthy interests have bought caveman kingdom with money that is is printed out of thin air. Endless supply, endless resources for caveman's "frenemy's" who speak out of both sides mouth.

Caveman wonders what happened to "Capitalism"?
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