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Subject Tired of Misandry and Hypocritical Feminists
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Original Message I don't know about everyone else but I am sick and tired of overt misandry in society and men sitting around taking it while at the same time bending over backwards to cater to every other group. How often are we told how sexist and misogynist our society is? I hear it all the time. Feminists go around spewing Feminist theory and their idea that men just want to dominate women and use them for sex slaves. We hear again and again how we need to give women more power and this myth that if women were in charge there would just be love and peace since men are the root of all evil.

Turn on the TV today. Look at all the sitcoms. The guy is always some incompetent asshole who is lucky to be married. He's normally worthless, stupid, and can't do a damn thing without his wife. His wife on the other hand is always beautiful, smart, and in total control. Look at the TV commercials today. The guys are always the punch lines of the jokes. They are always the typical idiots and it's always the women who are the smart ones who set them straight.

This is the icing on the cake. Watch this video and skip to around 5 minutes:

A man gets his dick cut off for asking his wife for divorce and Sharron Osborne and the other Feminazi's laugh and even say "You go Girl!" and called in incident "Quite Fabulous."

"You go girl" Are you fucking kidding me? If some woman asked her husband for divorce and the guy cut off his wifes clit and tit's, do you think a bunch of guys would be sitting around on TV laughing about it. Do you think you would ever hear one say "You go man!" Hell no. They would be fired on the spot and have to go kiss the feat of all the feminists groups. If this doesn't expose how women feel about men I don't know what does. They are literally gleeful that a man lost his manhood. Disgusting.

Look I understand sexism exists. It always will as men and woman aren't equal. Both sex's have pro's and con's but I am sick and fucken tired or being lectured by feminists about how misogynist society and men are when these same feminist bitches will sit around and make a hero out of some bitch who cuts off her husbands dick and chops it up in a garbage disposable.

Gentlemen, why have we become such pussies? We bend over backwards to respect women let they piss on us every chance we get. There was a time where feminists had a good argument. That ended a few decades ago. Now feminists want all the privileges that comes with being a man while keep all the privileges of women while stripping all the benefits of being a man. I am sick and tired of this shit. Anyone else feel the same?
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