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Subject Breaking my vows of secrecy for you
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Original Message I can not tell you too much about myself, simply because it would easily identify me in the groups I belong.

What I can tell you is that I am an active member of several secret orders, beyond the mainstream regions of Freemasonry into the higher forms of the inner order of Illuminati.

And I have come here to reveal some of the secrets that I feel are of immense importance to all, as well as certain matters that should be for the benefit of everyone and not just us select few.

None of you know anything of what you think you know - not about us, the ones behind the curtains, nor about yourselves. You have been mislead and led astray since before your birth.

The complexity of it all is so vast that it will take time to detail it for you. Thus I will have to start somewhere, and I will come back to add when the occasion lets me. If time allows, I will also answer questions some may have, as long those questions do not incriminate me or reveal for those who knows me from the inside who I am.

Being here at all is risky enough as it is - take what I tell you for what it is and decide for yourselves what you want to do with the information, or whether I am telling you the truth or not.

Let me start with a short introduction of myself, to at least give you the bones without the meat.

My family have been involved with the secret orders as far back in time I have been able to look back in any of our records. I stepped right into the same as soon I was born.

We have close ties with many of the groups and orders most of you will have heard of - and even more of the ones you will never even find the name of. A lot of the Light shines in the Darkness.

The family I come from has a leadership role and a greater importance within these orders. This has given me an unique access to information, understanding, knowledge and greatly guarded secrets that very few are privileged to.

Being in such a position is very rewarding, and you would probably not even believe all the things we oversee and are witness to - not to mention what we experience and are involved with directly ourselves. A lot of it can't be mention, since doing so would endanger my anonymity.

The reason I have decided to come here to open the lid on the door a bit, is because of both the horrific discoveries I have made during my time on the inside, AS WELL as the WONDERFUL discoveries.

Truly a lot can be said, and probably will, but for now in my first attempt at letting you in on the secrets I must detail the utter most important parts.

First of all: You are IMMENSELY deceived. NOTHING is the way you think it is, and not even close to it either. Everything is a lie, and a great hoax put upon you. This includes your own LIFE, your IDENTITY.

Everything around you have been created and put in place to BLIND you from the truth. The Media, is there to deceive you and keep you away from understanding, your job is there to keep you busy and away from discovering your true self, your favorite hobbies and past-time activities have been designed to maintain your business beyond your job to further mislead you from reality, religion is there to hide the truth, technology, science, medicine, all there to derail you from the truth. The person you love, your own family, they are there to keep you away from the truth.


The very Earth under your feet is in place to keep you away from the Truth.

That all may sound preposterous - and I can see why, since it really does sound insane.

But nevertheless, this is the way it really is.

Now this does not mean you are not "real", or that the world, or those things you see around you are not "real". But it does mean that your reality, that which is your everyday, is part of a greater design, spun around you in all its splendor, to maintain you in a level of status quo - to keep you in your current state. Compare it to cows in a field - the field and the farm they live on are real enough, and the cows take it for granted as their everyday life, yet it is still in the end artificially created for the cows to keep them there, as the slaves of the farmer. It is truly a perfect analogy since it is pretty much identical to what is really going on.

In that sense, in YOUR reality, you are the "cows", and the "farmer" is, well, call it the Great Architect of the Universe.

You can also call it the Devil, or Satan - but do NOT call it God.

God did NOT create the World. God did NOT create you. It was a different entity, far from God, in biblical terms you could say it was the "Fallen Angel" mentioned above.

With this I quickly jump through tremendous parts of History, and skip all the important bits in between. We go back to our "present" and Secret Orders - since what I have just mentioned now is one of the MOST guarded secrets of these orders.

And, at the highest level of most orders of any significance this is a well known truth - a truth guarded because of many reasons in itself, but not necessarily for Evil as I will get to in my next post.

It relates to the Secret Orders due to us being in existence since BEFORE the time of the Creation of the illusious world you live within, and the Orders exist on Earth today as the channel that allows for the connection and communication with the Divine, and that which still exists far outside the Spheres of the physical Universe you now experience yourself in.

This is all something I will detail soon, when I have the time to come back to further share some of the secrets I feel must be shared.
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