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Subject So many questions about existence, reality and ego. Would you please guide me for a bit?
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Original Message I had a very enlightening LSD trip 2 years ago. It showed me that everything is one and that reality is made by you and based on duality. From that I derived that even believing this is a paradox. As if I chose to believe that reality is based on something else instead of duality Ė it would be the truth instead. Or is there just one underlying truth that is independent of you?

I have somewhat split my personality in two since then. One part is able to function in society and be a normal human being(the ego) and the other one is the thing that accepts everything and has no opinion on anything(the spirit). The spirit tries to help ego to become more like the spirit but is it possible for the spirit to completely take over the body or is body the manifestation of ego?
And what is really going on in the world, reality and/or beyond it?

I have read many things about Illuminati, reptilians, aliens, merkabas, spiritual slavery, daemons and angels, higher dimensions but the threads on these things sometimes get too technical and lose me. They overlap in some parts and I canít differentiate the concepts anymore.
I have this urge to learn something new about existence, to discover! And the ego wants to discover something that would make him special. It waits for a letter from Hogwarts every day. Maybe it just got lost in the mail ? :)

I have been stuck for a while in this place of instability. I need a cause! But I donít want a cause from the ego side but it is impossible to have a cause from the spirit side as it doesn't really approve nor disagree with anything. Or should I just exist ?

I think I am missing a very important piece in this puzzle.
I just want a tip on what to do next. I canít figure it out and I canít feel it. Please, would you give me your best advice ? Thank you!
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