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Subject Calling all Iconoclasts... Enter and ask and answer some of the greatest questions of our time...
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Original Message ...and let I or others who know, answer them.

I am working on my Ph.D in anthropology, to one
day help rewrite primate evolution. Search GLP
"the truth of our origins" to find out more

I have my assoc. in Machine Tool Tech, to one
day help Christopher Dunn and other researchers
drive the point home, that ancient building
techniques rival that of modern machine shops.

I spend all of my free time playing video games,
and reading and memorizing all folklore pertaining
to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, and folklore
speaking of enlightenment, ascension, and general

My first two subjects are provable matters.

The folklore I study, at first let me know which
new age subjects to read into, and now the subject
helps paint the most plausible picture of 2012
and beyond.

Ask me a question. If someone feels my answer is
incorrect, please for the sake of my own pursuit
of knowledge, educate me. Politely or brutally,
it does not matter. I will only argue if I know I
am correct.

If I do not know the answer. I will let you know
if an answer is an opinion, and I ask other readers
to give their opinion, or the fact of the matter
if applicable.

Let this thread be a Terminal of the Gods.

Let us learn.

Let us explore the wonderful and starry nature
of our curiosity.

Let us begin.

(p.s. this is not an opportune place for a wall
of copy and pasted religious text.

I do not discredit the organization that has given
guidance and direction to billions, but people
who post those walls of text insinuate "there is
nothing to pursue, we have all we need, and just
wait for the coming"

Upon his "return" I believe it is up to us not to
look like idiots and have absolute crap in the
history books. Lets follow the truth, no matter
where it will lead.)
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