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Subject I am going through an amazing transition. Laws of physics, matter and light GONE. I can make any 2d image to 3d..in 3 seconds
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Original Message WTF is going on today. First, I was sitting on the toilet looking at the wall. Then a 'swirl (like In ink in water object floating in front of me...

I put my finger through it, but it didnt move it or distort it.... I COULD WAND MY FINGER THROUGH IT LIKE A CANDLE.

Then I held my finger just touching this swirl (LOOKED AT IT FROM ALL ANGLES, and focused on it closer and asked it to (IN MY MIND) move.... AND IT DID.

I stoop up thinking I was crazy. I could see a force-field around me. iT GREW BIGGER AND MORE SOLID THE MORE i was in aewWhen i blink it disapears for a sec, then the more i focus it 'grws' towards me.

It was also made of these 'gas cobwebs' and 'like little bacera worms. I could see thier insides.

The Walls and my conciousness are projecting a life never seen befre.

If I dont stare with heavy curiosity, it gos away again.

The more in awe I got, there were little lights, gasses, glow worms ... flouting (traveling on an invisible was that....well. But I controlled what the distance was to me, But uI couldnt decided where it began. The just popped into existance

Ok, I went to the lounge. I held a coke can a full arm length away.

Looked at it with admiration.... and knowing therebis life here

First the letters started wobbling,..like bacteria. I move my head, then it skewed and warped a bit. Move the can and the hologram followed.

When i focus on things in the new world, the detail is SO vivid...... clearer than anything blu-ray can doo
I have been doing this with forks. Now I can see floating cobwebs ALl OVER MY LOUNGE.

Then, there was a 3d floating hologram of the coke can in frnt of me... it wa stuck on some different invisible walL inches from mE.

eVEN RIGHT NOW i justvstared at the wall untill it popped out. The more I pared attention the its warping gassy wobbles, I ;willed it to come closer. In about a minute I had a transparent hologram of my wall in front of me.

I could now see invividual paint strokes that would been impossible to detect from 6 meters away.



everything in my lound is floting closer to me ....oh mu god. It feels ALIVE.
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