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Subject To those of you calling GLP a Right-Wing site....
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Original Message As many have alluded over recent days and weeks (and months for that matter), it may appear that GLP is a right-wing shill site (today); however, I submit to you that GLP most definitely is not (after many years of reading and participating).

Most of the folks that contribute here regularly are conspiracy theorists, but in essence, we are seekers of truth. We research and read more than the average human, and through this research, we've gained a more informed perspective on things that may make us appear "crazy" in the eyes of "the norm." We have come to realize that truth no longer exists in the mainstream, that various agendas are continually afoot, and those that wish us harm (in one form or another) are working tirelessly to undermine our foundations in hopes of gaining more control for their own selfish ends. So, we come here to hopefully receive first-hand accounts of events before the media grabs them and skews them for mass consumption, and also call those media sources out on their lies whenever possible. In short, we're a somewhat fluid think-tank, comprised of very intelligent individuals that love truth, life, and debate.

Most of us are generally respectful of all humans, we love peace, and we fucking HATE liars. We want our children to grow up in a more favorable environment than we had, we want government and bureaucracy as much out of our lives as humanly possible (but also recognize its need), and we truly wish that all humans would simply get along and leave each other alone. We are realists though, acknowledging that evil and selfish greed truly exist in this world, so we utilize forums such as these to inform one another, gain additional perspective, and hopefully educate others not quite as well informed - in hopes of throwing a cog in the plans and momentum of the LIARS and Wanna-be Tyrants. If you will, this is our battle-ground (for now).

That said, the agenda of the current group of "radicals" (using whatever "fuckism" you want to label them with today) just so happens to be the latest "battle" we feel compelled to participate in. It is clear (even by MSM standards, who are now all but blatant about it) that these radical LIARS contemplate a takeover of the US and world using the same subversive techniques employed in Nazi Germany prior to WWII, and pretty much the same as those employed since the downfall of just about every civilization (if you read any history at all, you'd have to be an idiot not to see this). It also just so happens that the so-called "Oblabla" supporters appear to be behind many of the latest lies being used to promote this ideology, subverting what we (truth seekers) consider to be good and "right," and threatening our way of life in the US, as well as our children's futures; however, don't think for a minute that we are any more kind to a LIAR just because they might have an "R" by their name. In fact, many of us were just as critical of Bush during his last four years in office, and will be just as critical of Romney if he doesn't perform as promised (after he wins). Many of us also want to see most of our Congress and Judiciary removed from office, and start over with a clean slate - but we will take what we can get, when we can get it, and removing Obama and his Czars is priority #1 for now.

So, if you think this is a right-wing shill site, you couldn't be further from the truth. After reading and participating here for many years, I've learned that we simply LOVE to expose the truth, and watch the LIARS implode. So, my advice to you is to open your eyes and start reading objectively (with discernment of course, because there is a lot of bullshit here too) - instead of blindly spewing pre-programmed talking points or insults without substance, because you will be owned otherwise.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to add or expand as you wish. Particularly if you are a shill - we love shills.
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