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Subject the NEWS is this : vote for OBAMA OR ROMNEY. THE SYSTEM is rigged. Dollar is going to get devalued massively between dec 2012 and 2013
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Original Message after election they ( whoever wins) will have more flexibility

the international economic system can´t continue like this too much longer.

Eurozone heading to depression

China at risk of big social outrest.

US > total fiscal doom.

They must coordinate and print Plaza Accord style to bring a new order to the financial.

The globalists will try to impose SDR or a new currency backed by nothing.

I read that Republitards were chearing Romney superior skills at a debate in the US? I really don´t care.

ALso lots of "populist-tards" who want free things for nothing will vote for OBama. Then come to Argentina. you will have free things like education, free healthcare and free retirement. Yes, and you will also have 25% inflation a country which completely collapse every 10 years and massive crime outside the main city, Buenos Aires.

You are not allowed to use fancy cars or luxury things in Argentina. You are targeted and you get robbed or kidnapped.

YOu won´t see people using Mercedes Benz or imported cars. Rich guys use their toys in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

So don´t be stupid. tHE SYSTEM IS RIGGEd
banksters control your country.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I don´t know. Maybe we should all meditate about this and do something for a change. Then, good things may start to happen as we are the co-creators of everything on Earth. And that includes good thing and bad things

QE3 is just a stupid thing. Because is money to the banksters. They don´t create "QE3 for small companies". they don´t want that. They want money for bond traders, banks and primary dealers. Not for you. So I am 100% you are going to see gold above 2000 U$S in the next 12 months or less. It could be in december january 2013.

The chinese strategy is to slowly revalue and conquer the dollar so they can provide a safety net to their population. Higher yuan > more imported things and cheaper. That way they will import food in exchange of giving back some jobs to you.


the cycle is going to repeat in CHina and in the USA. wayyy to easy guys.

in Argentina this happens almost twice every 10 years since it is a crazy country which the rulers want to keep it small.

Argentina one of the richest countries in the world. Now is a total socialist banana republic.

so go figure, and let´s wake up together.
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