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Subject Did Anyone Else Have Hightened Spirtual Activity Last Night??
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Original Message Firstly, I'm 32, All my life I have had weird things happen from:

Astro gliding over 6 days constant at age 7
Things moving in my mothers house as growing up
Premonition at age of 21 (Came true next day)
Things moving and disappearing in my flat I live in now
Pools of water appearing from nowhere on my bed
Writing appearing on walls
Visitations in my sleep by a ball of white light
Things affecting my 5 year old son

For 2 years, it has been quiet, with almost nothing happening to me whatsoever, Until, last night....

At 3am, I had a smoke at my bedroom window as I do every night before getting into bed. At the window, I always star gaze and ponder my life due to the spiritual stuff that has happened to me and other members of my family, I also think why are we here, who are we really...I always look at myself and think..This is not me, I am something different...

Anyway, I got into bed and nearly got upset thinking about my mum who had past back in Feb of this year...5 mins later, I started to feel something touching my ear, Hell, I thought it was a spider so I quickly brushed my ear and then fell asleep...

This morning, I got up outta bed..My hand was sore and when I looked at it, I had 2 tiny scratch marks and I believe me, they were hurting like hell...

I got dressed and sprayed myself with my favorite Lynx Africa deodrant, putting some in my hands and rubbing it around my neck...When I got to the back of my neck, it hurt like hell...I felt another scratch on the back of my neck, about an inch long...

My neighbor came in today, a young girl with a baby and said that last night, something weird had happened to her...She was bathing her child and she heard a breathing noise behind her..When she looked, nothing was there...She went to bed and was awoken to her bed shaking violently...After stopping, she fell back to sleep...This morning, she was clothing her little girl and she noticed that her daughter had a scratch mark on her neck too...

I know that spiritual stuff has run in my family and me so I'm use to it, but getting scratched like I did this morning is worrying me as this had come from nowhere..It is the first time I have been touched like that and I was wondering if I should expect more??

It's weird really, I have had this weird feeling for a while that things just ain't right and that there is a lot of depression and stuff in the air...Really hard to explain, but It's like something is going on that we can't see, something evil maybe, IDK, wish I had answers...I keep asking every night before bed but getting nothing...

Just wish I knew...

So, I was just wondering if anyone else had any hightened activity last night or not...Or if things happened after a quiet period....
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