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Subject The truth about America, the "petrodollar" and WW3 [VIDEO]
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Original Message the following video is and was made to awaken the sheep, the ones that still believe America is run and operated by people that have the US best interests at heart. it exposes the "petrodollar" and the wars that have been started and covertly organised to support one thing "preventing the collapse of the US dollar". The powers that be will create WW3 to protect an already failing currency.

It describes how America has started conflicts to prevent foreign countries from trading in gold for oil with other countries other than the US.

It states how Iraq, Libya and the current Syrian situation have a direct connection with the prevention of the gold trade for oil

my addition to this is that the military arm and intelligence agencies of America, see that now they don't have to create falsities and lies to overthrow governments. they came up with another strategy arising from the "Arab spring" they realised that they could topple governments now by covertly aiding opposition forces and/or rebels. either by arming them or sending in highly paid trained Arabs from Afghanistan and Iraq along with a sprinkle agency operatives.

If you look at the following list of wars you will see the distinct change in approach in the last few years. though this is more time consuming it gives America the chance to wipe their hands clean

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

This is blatantly obvious now and the lastest conflict in Syria isn't going to plan. The FSA (free Syrian Army) is made up of defectors, outsiders and militia, all funded and weaponised by the USA, NATO, UK and Israel. they use IED's and suicide bombers to create panic and kill citizens. MSM are working overtime on the promoting that its Assad that is the criminal, but with 22,000,000 Syrians that support Assad and who are allies with Iran, MSM have been caught out making mistakes and/or have been caught out spreading lies. This is readily availiable to find both here in GLP or on youtube just search for it. my favorite example is when i watched a CNN anchor report from Beiruit a few weeks back and he said "Assad was dropping 500lb bombs on civilians" he said it without any video, witness claims or evidence. So it's people like myself and the groups like the one that made the video who are awakening the people.

you may go and vote for a leader soon, but before you do think about why your military is strung out in the Middle East, think about how the trade deficit keeps growing and the impending collapse of the US dollar is inevitable. Think about your kids and thier kids in the future. What will be left for them.

Anyway, it would be appreciated if you could suggest pin and 5 star for awareness.

Basically i have been awake to whats going on for slme time and the reason for this thread is because as an outsider it disgusts me what America has done and is doing to this world.

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