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Subject I brought down a ufo - please read
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Original Message Hello there, my full name is Hansel Jermain Dilpinson
(i was born in Romania), but moved to the UK over 20 years ago and have lived in the UK since.

We have had in my area of town, many sightings of ufos, orbs, lights for some time..
There have been news reports of them too, investigations, yet it has turned up with nothing.

Last night, under the cover of darkness, myself and a number of other investigators from the birmingham ufo group (we are the only active uk group that deals with abductees and ufos etc) just do a google search for BUFOG (the person in charge is dave my next door neighbour)!

We saw a light flashing, and it got nearer and nearer, as it approached the ground started to shake, i was scared, literally scared i had never felt like this before.
Suddenly it started to descend.

We ran away, and kept on running for a mile, all the time excpecting it to be behind or above us, but when we got back to the house it was gone.

We decided that this could be the biggest story in the history of mankind, and decided to get our video cameras, and to go back out to film it.
I brought with my a rocket grenade launcher just in case (i have one still from my time in the army), and yes its licenced, as i, as a high ranking officer am still called up to the army from time to time, so i have not officially retired yet.

Anyway, we went back out, and headed back for the spot we had been in earlier, we didnt need to wait long.
Almost at once above us, the craft appeared again, it was huge about the size of a large house. It had portholes and a dome on top.
Without a second thought i fired the launcher. It hit it, but had no effect at all.
I remembered fellow members of the ufo group saying that whilst they are in the air they have a magnetic distortion field around them which protects them.

I realised i would have to strike when they landed, and so i did. I waited for it to hover to the ground and as it was about to touch down, i fired...

With a huge explosion, that was heard for miles (my wife rung me up from work at the farm 2 miles ago to ask if everything was okay as she heard the blast), the craft came down, and with a smash, hit the group at a 90 degree angle.
There it came to rest.

No entities came out, nothing.

We panicked and run back to the house.

A few hours later were mustered up the courage to come back, and the flames/smoke had gone out, and the ufo was still in the same position at a 90 degree angle.

The area it is in, is a very rarely used footpath, as the entrance to it is covered in trees, so only the locals whove lived there for many years know about it.

We are not sure what to do now, do we ring for help, do we take the risk and try open the portholes? what do we do.

I would like to ask for advice, and really want to thank you for reading this.

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