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Subject Law Of Attraction works!!! (1 OF THE BIGGEST SECRETS)
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Original Message ive heard about it maybe like a year ago and thought yea ofcourse positive thinking is good but this is nothin special then i reaaally got into it & i was browsing the web one day i was really bored. Then I saw the movie "The Secret" wich i thought was totally corny but i gave it a try... just think positive about a thing and remove all the doubt by imagining you have it and trying to create the feeling that you got it.

I noticed really weird things happen wich i ofcourse thought were just coincidences
at the start but then my believes got stronger and stronger and the believe that it is only coincidences got smaller and smaller and my theory is the more that you believe it the more it works

this may be hard to understand and may sound weird but its for example someone talking to you about a thing that you thought of at the EXACT same moment getting a message from someone you havent talked to for a long time or a call when you are thinking of them

seeing some random thing on television what you just thought of for a few seconds

we all had those weird coincidences where you question reality for some time but what if its not coincidences whatt if its really something more?

i told a good friend about it and thought he would start thinking im a maniac but he actually tried it and was shockingly surprised that it works you just gotta get the ball rolling start with lil things and then you believe more
& more things start to happen

just try it for some days man it really changed my life to know theres something out there like a power that is manifesting your believes

im sure i did repeat myself because its kind of hard for me to get a point across on the internet, especially because english is also not my main language.. share your experiences with me and others like coincidences or if you already know about law attraction, what you think of it etc
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