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Subject Bahahahaha, here's the long awaited excuse for the 3DD NOT happening!
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Original Message Taken from AH...(keep in mind Candace continued to say and to believe that the sun was dimming! Being Mindful was as well. And that there was a HUGE spacecraft in position to eclipse the sun and it was slowly moving into place and materializing. norespect)

But don't worry "dear ones" the time is "soon", it's on the way!! This next time they say something will happen, it will...really, just continue waiting. They fixed the blown gasket on the spacecraft and changed the oil so they should be good to go! lolatubad_smellyangrynutpick

[link to abundanthope.net]

AH MEMBER WRITINGS : CANDACE Last Updated: Oct 6, 2012 - 5:25:29 AM

I don't know why no update......
By Candace/Johan/CM
Oct 6, 2012 - 11:12:58 PM

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Well, evening meditation was in line with the usual. First I Connected with my Heart, Soul and Mind with ALL meditators in Group and Individual, send Love and Light, Indigo, Golden and Pink Light, carried out the full visual and then the entire directive.

CMAton was suggesting me to start this evening with asking my HS to help interpreting this spiritual visual/riddle and then He put me to task fully in the direction of Mother Earth. Some brief personal talk followed and the last part was sharing the following visual :

A boat was taking off to see dolphins and whales. Most people on board, although having paid for the trip, expected nothing much, actually choose this particular activity more to be out on the water for the day, away from the busy beach and hotel. There was no dolphins nor whales to see and after much justification or possible reasons, the boat returned to the shore.

Another smaller boat was taking the same purposed trip, but only one family with 5 children who were thrilled to finally see dolphins and whales with their own eyes, instead of on TV. They had the camera's ready, were full positive anticipation and talked about how they would share the pictures with friends to prove they really had seen or met those graceful sea animals themselves. Not even reaching their destination, some dolphins and whales swam under the boat and after joining the boat near the surface on both sides, much to the thrill of those children, it was decided to go no further and enjoy the special company right there. Some fish were throw to them, some pictures were taken, it was a blast for the entire elated family for the good outcome of it that day.

The first boat harbored people with an attitude, not even anticipating they would see the animals. The second one harbored people with gratitude, fully ready to meet the animals, full of anticipation, camera's ready, making plans what to do with the pictures already.

Not saying the first group messed it up, but they surely did not contribute nor co-create the encounter.

The second group absolutely contributed and co-created as much as possible and booked the good results. As every cause has its effect and every effect has it's cause, there are no accidents nor coincidences. The dolphins and whales were INSTINCTMATICALLY drawn to be there, so something must have made a difference for the two different boats.

CMAton made the comparison with waiting for the 3DD's, where one group would waiting and waiting untill it happens or getting extremely frustrated in the process ... not even believing nor knowing it from own hearing or Inspiration so actually not really anticipating, merely passively WAITING untill it manifests.

The other group would continue to make their lives interesting, DOING THINGS, Learning, planning for after the 3 DD's, already thinking about their role or skills that would best fit to BE OF DIVINE SERVICE or develop more realistic Mission Statements AND BE SURPRISED WHEN IT FINALLY HAPPENS ...

The first group would not have messed it up, but they surely would not contribute nor co-create the event ( although in the hands of CMAton anyways )

The second group would have contributed and co-created as much as possible AND THAT IS STILL ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS FOR BEING HERE and continue until it manifests.

That was it.

Love and Light,
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