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Subject UPDATE!!!!!--------------- YOU DID THIS, GLP!---------- 9/11 Truth
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Original Message 9/11 – Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out has been in the Top 10 on PBS national website both before and after September 11th, 2012 !!!!

Richard Gages GLP Podcast (4-26-2011)
[link to podcast.godlikeproductions.com]
1020 streams!

The original Action Alert for A/E 9/11
[link to www.ae911truth.org]
This was back August, and a huge traffic spike to CPT12 was the result, among many other good things…

World Premiere Thread
Thread: WORLD TV PREMIER - 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out Watch Live 8/18 Sat. at 7pm MST
11,000 hits in @ 72 hours !!!
3000 Likes on Face book, gaining @ 100 every 2 days !!!

Results of PBS CPT12 Broadcast:
2 Articles in the Digital Journal !!!
[link to digitaljournal.com]
[link to digitaljournal.com]
#1 Most Watched - #1 Most Shared for 4 weeks after Sept 11th popular demand broadcast!!!!
CPT12 website traffic up 350% over a three month period!!!

A/E 9/11 Press Release touting phenomenal results !!!
[link to www.ae911truth.org]
Scroll down three articles…

As a result, Building 7’s freefall shown AGAIN on the MSM (CBS Sunday Morning) w/ Ed Asner, and gets picked up by FOX !!!
[link to www.ae911truth.org]
[link to www.cbsnews.com]
Even today, Asner is taking on hot-button causes, arguing against Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and narrating a video that questions official accounts of what happened on 9/11.

"No one wants to hear destruction of the American myth that some elements of government were involved in 9/11," Asner said, asking, "Why did it take an hour for the strongest nation in the world to get planes in the air - for an hour?"
"You underestimate incompetence?" Braver asked.
"I guess it was all around that day," he replied.
"Do people say to you, 'Okay, this guy is kind of a talented nut job'?"
"Yeah, but I'm old enough that I can say, Yeah, yeah, yeah ..."

So many people have seen this important evidence because of...YOU, GLP!!!


Keep the momentum alive by:
Going to [link to video.pbs.org] and streaming or sharing the world premiere with anyone and everyone!!!....or....
Stream it everyday, twice a day (like I do ;-))...or...
Call CBS and Fox and tell them “thx” for broadcasting the truth and tell them you want MORE !!!...or....

Pin This Thread !!!!!grinning

Editor's note about content below----These are not the views expressed by AE911 or by OP but perhaps should be considered upon completion of reviewing the thread material...

And for all of the naysayers, who accept the official government story about 9/11...We know you accept the story for either one of more following reasons:

a.) You're just fucking stupid.

b.)You benefit in some way, by spreading the official hard-line story because your job, security, reputation etc. depends upon it....COWARD!

c.) You are too frightened to accept that your leaders are murdering liars who would just as soon watch you (or your children) jump out of a burning building to die in the same manner as those who plunged to their deaths on 9/11. You're no coward, but you're still struggling to accept the truth. Kinda like deciding between death by scorching fire or freefall...

d.) You hate Muslims and/or Islam and will seek to find any reason to blame them for the troubles that have befallen the world because, (as a Christian) your brains were sucked out of you in church by the devil's parasites who lived in the lustrous velveteen housing of your local church pew.

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