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Subject Communist / Socialist / Capatilist- Old Terms for a New World
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Original Message I'm going to push out an opinion based post. Have at it haters and shills.

I think the terms we use to classify our political schematics now-a-days is complete out dated and will soon become fruitless endeavors.

Soon, Capitalist nations along side Communist Regimes will fall to their knees from technological advancements bringing scarcity to a halt.

Things like improved battery life and advancements in manufacturing techniques alongside domestic "3D" printers will change the dynamic of how the supply and demand chain propagates itself.

Being able to go to a book store and have a digital book be "printed" on the spot. Being able to have a bowl, spoon, and cup be printed in the middle of the Sahara draining power on an advanced high capacity battery filled from superior engineered solar power panels.

This will create a new type of legislature, one that has to keep up with the already provided needs of the new century.

12 years into a new century, and we still are being told by those grasping at strings that oil companies are first and foremost when it comes to the ever evolving world of commercial industries.

The old adage that the "way of life" is dependent upon your countries manufacturing and distribution will become obsolete when you can print yourself a new phone, a new car, or even as medical science comes along, a new lung.

The stress of keeping copyrights owned and free enterprise suppressed is purely because of these technological advancements. Forget copying a movie, how about copying a hydro-electric generator? How about replacing your brake pads by printing them out? That will really cut out Meinekee and other similar businesses. Let alone having to remove the Hoover Dam - that shit will be a project, amirite?

How about Communism? All things equal, right? Well, why not have a giant fucking 3d printer in the middle of Cuba then, printing out fabrics on a nationally needed scale. Revolution time, oh here's a new gun, its the 10.04 BETA edition though, so please make sure you update your bugs to the forum.

When everyone has what they need to be taken care of, does then new innovations occur? OF COURSE!

How about travel, frictionless tube based traveling systems, anyone? Intercontinental flights by hypersonic jets traveling above the atmosphere. Or, shit, SPACE TRAVEL (ZOMG GETTING DRUNK IN SPACE LOLS) and further industries from asteroid mining.

How about the floating palaces that report to no government and do whatever the crud they want out there, new technology can allow those places to exist autonomously without ever docking again!

I'm not sure if any of this made sense or if I'm rambling like Obama in the middle of the debate this past Wednesday, but I just see all this shit taking a huge stance and giving the "proverbial" middle finger to our current leaders and peons alike.

My kid niece doesn't think about new technology like it's something "new", she just uses it. Whether it's a 3D based movie or game, or a 2d board game. IT'S ALL NEW TO HER.

So while we all sit here talking about doom, war, epic changes in the climate - this shit has been happening for as long as you consider recorded history to be (here's looking at you, crazy religious people). From a wheel to an axle, from steam power to nuclear.

Welcome to the real world, step back and realize you're reading this on some sort of electronically impulsed visual device (that you pay nominally for), inputting your agreeing or opposing thoughts to a median of untold potential where, at the same time, multiple cultures and ethnicity are acting similarly and existing simultaneously to find their way through this current chapter of our understanding of life.

This shit is happening, baby, and it's totally my bag! I watch people grasp at straws attempting to place ideologies from a history that couldn't conceive of the current today and pretend like the jigsaw puzzle fits.

It's a new game, peeps, get with it!

It don't fit, it'll never fit, we gotta start thinking differently on a global sense. Feel me?
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