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Subject What did you do with your Freedom?
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Original Message I'm curious about Freedom. The United States of America won independence from Britain making it a free and sovereign nation.

The founding fathers put forth a document which ensured freedom to all men, basically allowing you to do whatever you wished in the way of owning land and businesses, etc.

Now, don't let my ID flag get in the way, the concepts here are the same and I have family there, soo....

I'm wondering how people are using this "Freedom".

Does it mean something different today? Everybody is always talking about how its a "free country", but I'm not sure what that means anymore.

What I see is people who don't have any idea of the gift that was given to them to protect and have deduced that freedom means that you have a choice. You can choose a Whopper or a Big Mac, or a Coke or a Pepsi, or Xbox or Playstation, Apple or not, O or R, D or R, etc. and you have the freedom to be as cool as you want, and get tatoos and piercings and occasionally throw a rock at a politician or banker from your Iphone on the way to wherever.

When do people get a concept of what true Freedom really means? When we have none?

What was this Freedom that they spoke of that we are supposed to be so proud of? Help me because I am forgetting what it is that is so precious that would cost so much to defend.
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