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Subject MY TRUTH: 21 Years on Spaceship Earth in Search of True Knowledge
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Original Message Hey GLP. Please allow me to begin by stating that this is my first ever post. I'll try to be entertaining and quick, but I also want to give enough detail that you understand my point of view. Thanks and please enjoy. :)

A little intro about myself. Read for full understanding, skip to TLDR to skip.
For 20 years here on Earth, I never had to think too much. I was blessed with loving parents (perhaps TOO loving at times, haha), a great education, and a good brain. Unfortunately my parents were not the type to ask questions. They believe what is told to them, and I learned this from them. I was asleep. A sheeple lost in the flock. To speed up this summary, my eyes began to open to how miserable most people are with the current way society functions. 40-60 hours of work a week so we can stuff our fat faces and consume all the media we want. I knew I couldn't live this way. I knew many couldn't continue living this way. This led me to question everything I knew about reality down to the most fundamental element, is it even real? Although this question is not one for me to answer, the opinion I have formed from my understanding of quantum physics is that the Universe both exists and doesn't exist at the same time. Therefore, reality is both real and not real. The significance of this is not something I will comment on.
TL,DR: After 20 years as a sheeple I began to see the world in a very different way. This led me to question everything I know about reality. What follows are the answers I came up with.

First I'll sum up what I believe to be true in this reality. I do not believe in coincidence. Too much has happened to me, those that I know, the world, the Universe, for me to believe that all of it was happenstance. One of my favorite sources on this topic is this: [link to www.nytimes.com]
A quote from the article:
"Put together from values important to both special relativity and quantum mechanics, alpha is suspected by some physicists to be a key to the long-sought theory of everything. The secret of the universe is why alpha is one-137th and not, say, one-136th or one-138th. Calculations indicate that if it were slightly different, stars would not exist to produce elements and there would be no life."

That being said, I also believe that this reality is meaningless, in that it has no meaning but the one that you assign to it (what a beautiful, terrible power). No one can perceive reality the way you do, that is an obvious fact. In my opinion that makes this YOUR reality. Another way to put it is that your perspective of reality determines how you see things. If you choose to see things from a negative perspective they will seem negative, while positive will seem positive.

This brings me to what I consider to be the most important point: The choice of perspective, which in my eyes is synonymous with the Choice of Reality. Regardless of what religion you associate with, you have probably heard the story of Adam and Eve. Other than the Bible, because I know many of you may scoff at it's legitimacy, there is one other reference to provide evidence of their existence: [link to en.wikipedia.org]
Whether you believe the story or not, I think there is powerful knowledge to be found in it. It's why I wrote this post.

What happened to Adam and Eve that caused all of future humanity to be damned to a lesser existence? They ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In my opinion this story is metaphorical, but the message remains the same:
Adam and Eve were damned because they "gained" the knowledge of good and evil.

I will do my best to explain why this is so important, and how it applies to us today. From what I have experienced of our society, the knowledge of good and evil is the force that is destroying us from within. WHO ARE WE TO DEEM THINGS GOOD OR THINGS EVIL? Organisms have evolved over millions of years and none of them have had rules. Then one day we came along and decided we knew good from evil and everything changed. This caused us to place limitations on ourselves and the world around us. Ultimately it has placed limits on our advancement as a species. The Universe is an unjust place, and we perceive ourselves as making it more just by discriminating what is right from wrong? I don't. I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

After pondering on my conjectures for weeks I have decided to attempt to lay down my opinion of what is good and evil. I am trying to accept all and in doing so am finding that I am much more able to understand other perspectives. It has helped me to become more loving and compassionate towards others, and I am sharing all this with you in hopes that you may find the same peace. This is the only true knowledge I feel I have gained over the 21 years I have been alive. I hope you find truth in it as well. Peace, Love, and Thank You for reading.
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