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Subject just broke up with my girlfriend for 5 years shes ignoring me so i chatted to myself "sigh"
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Original Message me: your being very immature right now ignoring me. i'll always call you baby cuz your the biggest one i know.
[link to www.youtube.com]
Calvin Harris feat. Example - We'll Be Coming Back (Lyrics)
baby why you being like this
don't make this harder then it has to
its been a week now almost 2 weeks
lets just get this over i know you don't want to applogise
im not gonna make you either
so lets go our own ways keep in touch okay
Sent at 10:35 PM on Sunday
me: every thing in this room reminds me of you i'm just asking politely for you to get your stuff i dunn wanna do it for you
Sent at 10:36 PM on Sunday
me: [link to www.youtube.com]
Calvin Harris feat. Example - We'll Be Coming Back (Official Video) (Ultra Music)
grow uppppppp
focus on you goals
leave the past behind. im trying to do that
but my room is filled with the past so help me out dude
Sent at 10:41 PM on Sunday
me: don't make me bribe you
i know your there
i think
Sent at 10:44 PM on Sunday
me: jello
im gonna keep talking to you untill u answer
ohhh tuesday mean monday midnight
so you have like 25hrs and 13min
ok to get back to me
other wise i'm packing your stuff gonna see if i can borrow adams car to drop off your things
i'll leave it in front of the door
for you if your not home
k bns
Sent at 10:49 PM on Sunday
me: im gonna pick up my museum thingy on tuesday gonna ask your dad if i can take collin to airplane museum
you can come to if you want
ur gonna have to pay though cuz its only free for me and collin
Sent at 10:50 PM on Sunday
me: i ate turkey at jess;s place today mm turkey had mash veggies for the first time instead of mash potatoes wasn't a big fan of it
so hey did you find a new guy yet hey hey?
i'm not as lucky not as easy for a guy to find a girl
well make sure you find mr right
don't rush things either like we did
what a mistake that was eh? was it?
ooo and take some time away i'll sponsor you if you go for vaction
i'll give you a dollar a day
for every day you go on vaction
:) i know its a bit cheap but i need to save for me too
man talking to your self is reallllllllyyyyyy boring
i almost spelt boring like boaring
i think that would mean like pigging
isn't a boar a type of pig
probably in the lord of the flies or somthing
i read that book soo many times
but i don't remember anything about it now
have you told all your friends we broke up
oo yah whats your side of the story i wanna know
what are you telling your friends?
i didn't really tell my parents they asked me where you were and i just told them you were at home, they know somthing is up though
u suck talk to me please
Sent at 10:59 PM on Sunday
me: ooooo i have somthing to black mail you with if you don't talk
its our video
it shows your face tooo
k i wont do that
shows my face too
to shy for that
any ways
what are you being for Halloween
im gonna be...............
i dunno yet
i never dress up any way
i probably should this year though eh
i'll be a broken hart
or half a broken hart
you can be there other half if u want
whats collin going to be
man what are you doing
reading your chinese gossip
or should i say Chinese porn
gross you disgusting
umm u should really stop reading that stuff
just kidding i watch the porn ooooo ya
hopfully no one else see this but u cuz that'll be weird to explain
well actually if some one else is reading this let me explain whats going on here
you see paulynn and i broke up i took the key to my place from her
and like an idiot i gave it back in good trust thinking she will take all her belonging and now its been almost 2 weeks and she only took her make up and under wear
do you know how much stuff he has in my rooom
like 75% of what ever is in here is her things crazy huh
Sent at 11:11 PM on Sunday
me: he had me put up butterflies on my wall. not just that she made me shape it into a hart right over our bed. every time my friends come over they laugh at me saying man indo your really whipped
i'm like yahhhh i am what i eat
so sad
but i took them off now whoohoo
are you there yet
im gonna start calling you soon cuz ur not talking to me and i need to know asap cuz thats just the way i am
i'm not gonna bother you any more after you get all your stuff out of my room
unless you like me to bother you i can
theres a fee thoug
since your a special friend who i call baby
i give you the best price
usually i charge a lot for this service
but since your my first customer i'll give you good price
15 bucks a months
thats like 50 cents a day
depending how many days there are in a month
pretty good deal huh
man i sell myself short
i should say somthing like 50 bucks a month then negotiate the price lower
Sent at 11:17 PM on Sunday
me: "do you know how much stuff he has in my rooom" he=she paulynn is a girls i just dunno how to type. rereading convo for spelling errors probably a lot of them i missed
Sent at 11:23 PM on Sunday
me: "he had me put up butterflies on my wall." he=she again sigh face what ever that one is i dunno
Sent at 11:26 PM on Sunday
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