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Subject Evolution and God should NOT be separate ideas
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Original Message For in fact it was God that programmed into every living thing on Earth the capability to adapt and change.

If you and another person were alive in a forest that you did not know at all and you saw the person you were with eat a fruit that killed them then you would not eat that same fruit. You would go to another tree and the odds go up at least by one that you will live. That is a very basic way to see evolution. That is what God has programmed into all of us. God has put that in every single living thing on Earth. From virus and bacteria to blue whale and every living thing in between.

This is the main reason why all global societies rise and then ultimately fall. Because they become too vague about their existence and too vague about their beliefs on progress and getting ahead. They dont quite know what they are doing. So they wind up taking too much and building without respect to the natural world in which the rest of life just wants food, shelter and water to live. They have a very strong foundation.

A modern global society is too aggressive and too careless in it's hot pursuit of it knows not what. So they miss the small things and that is where the little animals adapt. In the small things. The things we miss in our way to progressville.

I mean you got people out there with a ton of money and fast cars but they are clueless about life and just run around and drive around like chickens without a head. Surely one can see the spiral down effect in a non life giving way of that life.

Why couldnt have God created two microbes and nothing else that could adapt and change to a harsh environment and ultimately over long periods of time create the world that we know. I find that possibility very likely and it explains a lot about how certain species can adapt extremely well to harsh environments. It all makes sense like that. So God being a giant man who was somewhat a natural chemist like a wizard sort of makes perfect sense. Maybe that is where the description of God was born. The classic idea of the profound thinking scientist.
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