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Subject Here's a little test: Are you infected????
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Original Message Do you believe, God demands worship?
Are you willing to die in the name of your religion?
Are you affraid of the occult/hidden?
Is your opinion, one or more countries deserve to be nuked?
Do you hate a whole ethnic group? (Jews, muzzies, christians, blacks etc.)
Does a technical device consume a large part of your life? (Iphone, pc)
Do you believe, if you repent, you go to heaven?
When you are in nature, do you feel free or are you disgusted and want to return home to your tv, pc?
Did you ever learn to chill or are you working away your life force?
Would you rather put a bigger lock on your door or become friends with your neigbours?
Do you believe, after you die, life ceases to exist?
Are you ingesting synthetic drugs or mind numbing natural drugs? (Opiates, alcohol etc.)
Are you using violence on a regular basis?
Are you heavily influenced by hierarchical structures?

If you answer one or more of these questions with YES, you are influenced by an archontic mind parasite. Please go to metahistory.org and inform yourself as much as you can about archontic mind manipulation.

Optionally, you can take the shortcut, ingest 5-10 grams of magic mushrooms and implement a bullshit filter into your belief system.
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