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Subject Very Pissed - Gunman At My Kid's School Bus Stop
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Original Message So...I take my children to school every morning. All 3 ride the school bus home. I am able to pick the youngest one up but the other two walk home a quarter mile from the school bus stop. The first few weeks of school I walked them home from the school bus just to be sure they felt safe. Eventually they wanted to buddy up with their friends so I stayed home more often when the two older ones walked home. (11 and 13).

Last Thursday a man went to the school bus stop where my kids get off the shool bus. However, he went there in the morning time and my kids do not ride the bus to school, they only ride it home. Anyway, the guy was dressed in all black and was wearing a ski mask. According to 15-20 students he produced a knife and a gun and started threatening the kids. He told them he would kill them if they screamed or ran. A parent driving by saw the kids all crying and huddling next to the fence so she stopped. She found out the gunman had already left but she called the cops anyway. The kids were released to go to school via the school bus when it arrived.

Now...since we do not have our kids ride the bus to school in the morning, my kids didn't witness this. And, it wasn't until the following day, after school when my son walked home that I started to find out what happened. Apparently two students in his classroom were part of the victims of this gunman. The day before they were asked to keep quiet until the gunman was caught or an investigation could be carried out. Many were taken home by their parents the day of the incident due to shock.

So...the day AFTER this happened, I find out from my 11 yr old son what happened. My daughter ended up being brought home by another parent who was scared for our kids to ride the bus home. When they arrived at my house I heard from the parent even more details. The cops had made a full sweep of the area and had issued a BOL for the guy. However, the cops never told any parents and the school never notified any parents. They didn't even write a letter home. This school has vowed that safety is number one...they dropped the ball on this one!

So...this incident happened. The school didn't notify anybody. About 2 hours after my son told me what happened and my daughter came home I met with fellow neighbors in my area. We agreed that we would all tackle this together. One called the elementary school, one called the junior high school (both pick up from the same bus stop) and one called the cops. About an hour after the schools were called about the incident, we all got phone calls telling us what happened. Of course, there was no mention of weapons and the whole incident was downplayed by the schools.

I agreed to be present at the bus stop from now on with a few other parents at different times in order to help keep a look out and protect the kids.

Not once since this happened have any police been present, have any school officials come to the bus stop when kids are loading/offloading. I am pissed. Oh...and as far as I know of...no news report has come from this yet either. This is bullshit.

We are from Modesto, California. This is the city where Laci Peterson and her unborn child Connor were murdered by Laci's husband Scott several years ago. It's also the location where James Ferrario Jr shot and killed a sheriff's deputy and a locksmith several months ago while they attempted to evict him from a home he hand't paid payments on for 8 months. That was the first of several iconic shootings throughout the country that don't add up. Other shootings include the batman shooter, James Holmes in Colorado and the Wisconsin shooter Wade Michael Page at the Sikh temple.
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