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Subject If you can't suppory this country get the F...
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Original Message uck out! I am sick and fuckimg tired of seeing soo much anti American sentiment posted on here by supposed Americans. you don't like it here, can't respect our flag, our customs, our beliefs or the sacrifices those before you made to guarantee your freedom then you can fuck off, YOU are the enemy. plain and simple, you are the moral degradation that is eating away at this country from within. I don't know where are you fucking high school kids and college students lost your moral way and sense of pride in this country but again you are the problem, you are the enemy within and you will pay the price 1 way... or the other. I for one, have lost way too many friends and family who gave their all serving this country of ours. I do not take their deaths lightly and am bound by the honor of respecting their sacrifice. did you read those 2 words... honor and respect... you punk ass kids today obviously have neither of the above. you mock their sacrifice, you mock patriotism, and seem to think it's trendy to undermine our country. well let me tell you punk, 1 day soon when the shit hits the fan, and these assholes you work so hard to put in power come for you and yours... when your cowering in the corner shitting your pants like the little bitches you are. I and others like me, will be sure and give you that same respect and dignity that you gave our relatives, our friends, our forefathers, and our country.
god bless the United States of America.
long live the Republic
and to hell with you traitorous scum
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