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Original Message I find it ridiculous, how there are people who still find it hard to believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials. This has become so old.

I find this very curious. This in itself is a bizarre phenomenon. One that must be investigated.

Do you believe in aliens, UFOs, life on other planets? If so, why? If not, why not?!

Having encountered many peoples views on the subject matter, it is just bizarre how closed minded people are.

People have no idea of the universe that surrounds them.

It is obvious that the reason that skeptics disbelieve is due to their ego. They think inside their little heads, that perhaps their being smart, siding with "scientific data". Or that they are not easily fooled by silly things.

But tell these people that their disbelief is a symptom of their inner ugliness and lack of real intelligence and perhaps they would give more effort into trying to believe.

Some seem not to believe in it because it is not in the Bible. But doesn't this precious sacred text contain even more bizarre phenomenons, that recounts even more unbelievable things?

Some think, that the existence of aliens affects the existence of God, which is absurd. After all, aliens would have to be created by God also.

It seems people simply find anything and everything that deviates from their world view, that they formed in their heads, as a preposterous insanity.

Some say because there is no real evidence. That the media would have said so. Or that it would have been a well known thing. But really these are all excuses. Their is a sinister reason why people do not want to believe. Some witnesses of UFOs even say that they wish they hadn't seen it because they find it hard to deal with the new information. They can't process it in their heads. It affects their ego.

Some people like to believe that the Earth is the center of universe. Well, it is not. Perhaps its not even worth visiting for most intergalactic travelers. Considering how ugly the inhabitants of this planet are.

Every time a flying saucer has crashed, its alien bodies have been dragged into secret labs of the government for testing. Every time a UFO gets close to a city, it is chased off by fighter pilots.

Perhaps if your governments told you more about what they have been hiding, you wouldn't find it so hard to believe why aliens don't publicly announce themselves, but only to individuals.

Frankly putting myself into their shoes (lol, do they wear shoes, maybe), they would have to be stupid to show themselves. Imagine you walked into a forest where a group of friends are arguing amongst themselves, fighting and killing each other. You decided from behind the bush: "These people are killing their own friends?! Better remain hidden". You would have to be pretty stupid. If they kill their friends, God knows what they do to strangers.
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